Chapter 1

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Harry's POV

I anxiously ran my fingers through my hair, a nervous habit I developed at a young age. I could feel the burn of two brilliant blue eyes on the back of my head as I stumbled to the front. I turned my head slightly and immediately regretted it. The strange boy’s gaze was still locked on me and he held the most malicious smirk I had ever seen. A chill ran down my spine and I shivered before ascending the few steps.

As I began reading today’s passage, I tried to look around the room but no matter how hard I tried to refrain, my gaze always ended up back on that mysterious boy in the back.

There was just something so captivating about him. Everything from his alluring blue eyes to his countless tattoos peeking out from under his tight black shirt drew me in. Yet at the same time warning signs were flashing in my head screaming keep away. He had danger written all over him but I still longed to know anything and everything about him.

After finishing the reading I sat back down and tried to listen to my dad but couldn’t focus due to the crawling sensation of being watched by a certain someone. As always, right when the service ended I rushed to my dad’s office to grab my coat so I can head to the car before anyone tries to talk to me.

 I throw my coat on and keep my eyes on the ground while I hastily exit his office. A shriek escapes my mouth when I run straight into someone and stumble to the ground. Utter fear courses through my body as I look up at the person towering over me. Sure enough the last person I wanted to see is right in front of me, leaning against the wall like a chiseled god. A harsh chuckle escapes his lips as he pushes off the wall and leans over me.

“In a hurry? Almost as if you’re running from someone.” He says with a smirk. His voice is high and delicate yet the confidence behind it leaves me trembling. He held a tone of authority that paired perfectly with his cocky grin and stance.  

Before I can even comprehend what’s happening he bends down and grabs my arm, quickly yanking me to my feet. His rough grip on my wrist doesn’t break as he leans closer, staring at me intently. I find myself immediately blushing and staring intently at the ground to escape his overbearing gaze. After a moment of silence he brings his fingers to my chin and harshly jerks my head up to look at him.   

“Why do you look so afraid? It’s like you’ve seen a ghost.” He snickers knowing full well the effect he has on me. A sudden burst of anger floods my body. I refuse to give into him so easily. “I-I’m fine.” I manage to mumble. I attempt to yank my arm from his grasp but this only encourages him. Anger flashes through his eyes. Suddenly, he loosens his grip on me but only for a second before he roughly pushes me against the closest wall. My breath hitches in my throat as he swiftly closes the gap between us in just a few long strides. He leans in and his hot breath fans over my face. His body is now pressed tight against my own, trapping me.

I scan the hallway and panic surges through me. Of course we’re in one of the back hallways of the church. People rarely come back here except for my father who would be busy with meeting for hours after service.

He leans in closer, his lips now brushing my ear. My mouth has gone completely dry and my mind is blank, all rational thinking long gone at this point. The thought of escape doesn’t even cross my mind at the moment. All I can process is our close proximity and his body pressed tightly against me. A wave of mixed emotions washes over me. Along with the horrible fear and terror running through me there was something else. Something deep, deep down that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, even if it wasn’t currently being crushed in his strong hands above our heads.

I shuddered when his lips ghosted over my ear. “There really isn’t a point in struggling love. You’ll learn that soon enough, whether it be the easy way or the hard way, that’s up to you.” I tried to breathe at a steady rate as he continued. “You see, unluckily for you, I’ve taken a liking to you Harry. I want you. And in case there was any doubt in that curly little head of yours, yes, I always get what I want.”

I was completely frozen in fear. He slowly drew back to meet my panic-stricken gaze. “H-how do you know my name?” I stupidly questioned. There was that condescending laugh of his again.

“Who doesn’t know you? Sweet, innocent little Harry. Son of the pastor. So pure and untainted.” He spoke as he gently ran his thumb across my cheek, a vast contrast to his aggressive behavior just moments ago.

 The way he said it caused my heart to beat rapidly in my chest, almost as if it was a joke. My reputation was fairly accurate. I got good grades, never spoke out and always obeyed orders. The thought of typical teenage activities like partying and sex made me uneasy. I had never fathomed being intimate with a girl, let alone a boy. Even if I had wanted to, the consequences if my father found out would be extreme. I can’t even begin to imagine what he would do if I committed not one, but two sins in the act of loving another boy.

He scanned my face and body once more before dropping my hands and stepping back from me. His expression was unreadable as he turned and quickly walked towards the back door. I still stood slumped against the wall trying to comprehend any of what just took place. I finally found it in me to speak as he opened the door to leave.

“Wait! What’s your name?” Out of everything I could’ve said in that moment why this was the first thing to pop into my head I had no idea. He paused for just a moment and without turning around said “Louis. Louis Tomlinson.” I could picture the smirk he most likely wore as he continued through the door and disappeared.

I was left in the middle of the hallway speechless and dazed. All thanks to the hostile blue-eyed boy, and my new personal demon, Louis Tomlinson.   

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