Firelord!Zuko x Reader Part 1

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Y/N- Your Name
Y/C/N- Your Cult Name

"You have your orders Y/N. The job is happening tonight." The boss said solemnly. You replayed the plan in your head. While the adults disarm the guards, you will sneak into the palace dressed as a servant. No one will care when you are bringing the new Firelord his robes for tomorrow. Once in his room, capture him while he's asleep. You were the only firebender of the group, so you were the only one who stood a chance against the firebending master.

Now, it's not like you hated the guy. He brought peace and he was really cute. No, you had the great fortune to be born into a cult. Family stays together, or something. Luckily, or unluckily, they were soley focused on destroying the reign of the Firelord. You just went along because where else would you go?

"Yes, my lord." You replied, bowing your head. He pat your head and turned to leave, letting you know you could stop bowing.

--Time Jump--

You walked calmly into the servants quarters and grabbed the robes from the drying rack.

"Hey! What are you doing?" A large woman asked.

"Oh! I just started working here. I met the Firelord and served him tea, and he offered me a job here." You lied.

"Another one? Hm." You nearly gaped at the woman. She actually bought that?

"Yes ma'am. I'm supposed to take these for the Firelord."

"Ah. You best hurry then." She ushered you into the corridor. After a few more confrontations with servants and guards, you finally arrived at the Firelord's chambers. Even in your head, it sounded scandalous.

"I know what I heard!" There was no way you could mistake Firelord Zuko's voice. Spirits! He's supposed to be asleep! Better make this quick. You hit the two guards with fireblasts, knocking them out instantly. You dodged a large fireball and turned to the Firelord. "Come out, coward! Show yourself!" You stepped into the light and stood in a fighting position. "Who are you?" You leapt at him, trying to knock him out. He grabbed your foot mid-air and threw you on the floor. You landed on your feet and attacked again. Each attack was met with evasion. How is he doing that?

Eventually, he got tired of dodging and sent a ring of fire that covered the walls, floor, and ceiling. You fell to the ground as your outer robe caught on fire. You ripped it off and jumped out of the ring. Luckily, you had the good sense to wear your rebel clothes under the servant's robe. Things would have taken a turn for the embarrassing if you hadn't. "Who are you!" Firelord Zuko shouted. You created fire-swords and attacked again. He generated fire daggers and you realized that you weren't skilled enough to fight him. You went from attacking to defending. The Firelord manouvered you into a corner. He used his fire daggers to cut through your weak fire-swords. Your eyes widened in fear as he held a dagger close to your neck. "You never answered me." He grabbed your arm, preventing you from moving. "Who are you?"

Your interrogation training kicked in. "We are the last hope for the Fire Nation. Our numbers are few, but our power is great." You replied. "It became my task to dethrone you. I cannot disappoint my Lord, now let me go!" You struggled against his grip, which he only tightened.

"Even if I did let you go, you wouldn't be able to kill me." Firelord Zuko replied. A large firebloom appeared next to both of you.

"Aahh!" You screamed as the fire burned your leg. The Firelord dropped you and faced the attacker. You stood up to find the leader of the Y/C/N standing over you. You gaped at him and dropped to one knee, bowing to him. "My Lord. You're here!"

"Y/N, he's still alive." He growled at you. You panicked and tried to explain yourself.

"My Lord, he was already awake when I arrived at his chambers. I attempted to fight him, but he is a skilled firebender and is more powerful than me. Please, forgive me." You begged.

"So, in escense, you failed your mission and in the process endangered the lives of many of your fellow fighters." You bowed your head, seeing where he was going. "Your actions are traitorous to our cause. It is with a heavy heart that I brand you a traitor to the Y/C/N and the Fire Nation and sentence you to death." He kicked your legs from under you and you fell onto your back. Your eyes widened in fear as a fireball appeared in his hand. You heard the sound of fire moving through the air and you closed your eyes. A low shout sounded through the corridor and you looked around hesitantly.

"Come with me." Firelord Zuko extended a hand. After a minute of panic, you took it and stood. The pain in your leg spread and you collapsed into the Firelord. He sighed and picked you up, bridal style. You felt heat rise up your neck and crossed your arms. Firelord Zuko raced over to a wall around the corner. There was a small flame embroidered into the wall. He sent a fireblast into it and the wall opened. He set you down on the bench in the tiny room as the wall naturally closed.


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