Let It Rain Love {BoyxBoy}

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Tonight was probably the most windy, rainy night in history. I groaned. My car wouldn't start. This was just perfect.

Maybe I should have skipped football practice like my mom had told me. I shook my head and reached into my pocket for my cell phone.

No signal.

A bright light shinned into my face. I winced, it was head lights. My instinct told me to ask for a ride--so I did.

I opened the door, and waved my arms. The car stopped, and the driver got out. I could have sworn that boy was an angel from above. The light from the headlights made a halo around his head.

"Do you need a r-ride?" he called out. He looked about my age or maybe eighteen.

"Yeah!" I yelled over the wind. I rushed over to the passenger side and jumped in. He sat down in the driver's seat and shut the door.

The heater was on already. I shut my eyes, and let myself get lost in the warmth. I noticed he hasn't began to drive yet. I opened my eyes and stared at him, but he was already staring at me. He blushed and turned away.

"So, are we gonna go somewhere dry?" I laughed.

"Anywhere?" he asked. He raised and eyebrow and smiled.

"Sure, man. Anywhere, but here," I replied.

"My house it is," I heard him mumble under his breathe.

He began to drive off into the dark, rainy night. I started to look out the window, I could see the stranger's reflection.

He looked, so, so delicate, and beautiful.

The way his hair feel into place made me swoon, and his thick, black glasses. I wondered what it would be like to put those on for him. . . . I shook my head, and denied the thoughts I had just thought of.

What was I saying? I'm not gay, so why was I having a little fantasy with this stranger I didn't even know?

"So. . .how come you got stuck in the rain?" he asked.

"Oh. I was on my way home from football practice, but my car wouldn't start," I replied, sneaking a little glance at him.

"Dumb question, but what's your name?" he made a right turn.

"Eric Michael Days," I smiled proudly.

"Eric Days? Aren't you the quarterback?" he looked at me quickly, then back at the road.

"Yes. Why? And what's your name?" I asked.

"Chase Jared," he nodded as he pulled into a driveway. He parked the car, turned it off and opened the door.

"You coming, sunny?" he smiled.

"Oh, yeah," I blushed.

I opened the door and followed him to the front door. He grabbed the keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. We walked into the dark house.

"The light switch is to your left," he said in the darkness.

I felt the wall until I felt the switch, I turned on the light. The living room was welcoming, and had a creamy color scheme. I took a step forward and looked around.

"Where are your parents?" I asked. I saw what looked like to be a family portrait.

"My mom is working the night shift. And well, my dad left her a couple years ago," Chase replied. "It's alright though. . . . I'll be right back though. I'm gonna get some clothes and towels."

I sat down on the small couch. How come he's being so nice? All the other guys I know are complete jerks, but Chase, I think he's different from the rest of them.

He actually has a heart. And he has a brain too. And a to die for smile. . .I stopped myself from getting into my weird little conversation with myself.

Chase came walking in with a towel, and a set of clothes. All in one neat pile. He handed them to me.

"Sorry that there's no pants," he bit his lip.

He's such an awkward potato.

"What?" I asked, intrigued.

"My shorts were dirty, and well, don't laugh, but I didn't really have time to wash," he shrugged.

"Oh, that's alright. You already done, like a ton for me. The ride, bringing me here, and now the clothes. Thanks," I smiled.

He smiled a crooked smile,"No problem."

"I'm gonna get cleaned up then," I laughed.

"Bathroom is down the hall. Second door down." Chase noted.

I walked down the hall. But the thing that caught my eye was the first door.

This must be Chase's room. I looked back behind me. I didn't think he was coming, I cracked the door a little. My jaw dropped. His room had so many posters from My Chemical Romance to The White Stripes.

I took a step inside. He had a cluttered computer desk, but no computer. Instead books. Tons and tons of books. And a piece of paper. It had an awfully good sketch drawn on it. It was of a football player.


I already knew it was Chase. I turned and faced him. His expression was impossible for me to read.

We stood there in silence. I scratched the back of my head.

"I-I'm sorry for coming in here without asking," I apologized. "Your room is really cool though."

"That's fine," he walked to the desk and flipped the drawing over. "Why don't we get ready for bed."

I nodded and walked out of the room into the bathroom. I put my clothes in the hamper and dried off. I walked back into Chase's room. I stopped in my tracks at the sight of his bare back. It was so overwhelming.

I gulped,"Hey."

He turned around and put a white t-shirt on, "Oh hey."

"Um, I think the couch is too small," I said awkwardly.

"Ooh. I would say that you could sleep in my mom's bed, but she'd freak to see some guy there," Chase laughed.

"So, the floor is my option?" I asked.

"Nah. I'm not that rude," he smiled.

"So. . .the bed it is?" I asked. I felt the butterflies in my stomach.

He shrugged, "Guess so."

I climbed into the bed awkwardly and got under the covers. He took off his glasses and put them on the nightstand, and turned off the light.

He got under the covers and laid down flat on his back. We spaced away from each other. But when he feel asleep, which didn't take too long, he rested his head on my chest. I didn't move, I let him sleep there.

And I felt like it was the most normal thing in the world.


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