Chapter one

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Your POV

"Sister?What are you doing in the basement?Is it a new experiment?Can I try it out?"I was so excited!Hanji always let me try her experiments first!"My,(Y/N),your so eager to try this one aren't you?Well of course!Come with me and I'll explain what I am doing in the basement!"

We walk to the living room while Hanji was explaining."This machine should make the human mind more intelligent by 20 percent!"She looks at me and smiles.I was now even more excited,because I wasn't the smartest kid in school.

When we reached the basement I saw a big tube with a green liquid inside."Go inside and I'll try it!"Hanji was looking a bit worried but you could see she was more proud.I got inside the tube.The green liquid was really cold."Sister!"I tried to say but instead it looked like Hanji couldn't hear me.'Why won't she star-'Just as you thought that Hanji started the machine.

"OUCH!!SISTER IT HURTS!"I tried to say but the pain was all over my body,it was too much for me.I felt like dying....

After a few minutes of horrible pain I looked at Hanji.She was horrified.I looked down and noticed I was much shorter than normal.I tried to ask what was wrong but all that came out was,"Meow?" "Holy mother of God!What the hell have I made?"Hanji said,and with that Hanji grabbed me and took me outside.She didn't seem to regret what she did next."Now,(Y/N),leave!"I was on the other side of the front door.'Sister?'I thought.Hanji opened the door.I thought she would let me back in but instead she kicked me into the road."I told you to leave!"She said in one of her crazy voices.

I couldn't move.I was so sad.'She just kicked me out of my home..'I was so upset I just felt like dying.The next moment,I heard a man shout,"Hey,you cat get out the way!"I turned left and saw a car driving towards me.

???? POV

I saw having a morning walk when suddenly I saw Hanji throw a cat out her house and say,"Now,(Y/N),leave!"I didn't listen to what she said next because (Y/N) was her sister's name....'No..It has to be a coincidence..But why would sh-' "Hey,you cat get out the way!"I heard a man shout from a car that was driving towards the cat.I don't know why I did this but the next minute I ran on the road and saved the cat!

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