Chapter 2

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Today is the day we go back to Hogwarts. Dad can't come to see us off so he's letting us take the floo powder. I fix my jacket as Rigel steps in the fireplace.

"Kings Cross!" Rigel shouts before throwing down the powder

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"Kings Cross!" Rigel shouts before throwing down the powder. I turn away from the flames and when I look back, he's gone. I put my trunk in the fireplace and grab my bag.

After taking some powder, I follow Rigel's steps. "Kings Cross!" I shout before dropping the powder. I close my eyes as I'm whisked away.

"You can open your eyes Joesy." Someone says. I open my eyes to see Rigel smirking at me. "Come on out sis." He says gently. I nod and slowly walk out of the fireplace.

Rigel takes my trunk and puts it on the trolley before letting me take the trolley. He starts towards platforms 9 and 10. After checking for muggle's, he runs into the barrier and disappears. I glance around me before doing the same and running onto the platform.

Rigel is waiting for me when I pass through. "Come on. Let's go find the gang." I say. He nods. We take our trunks over and drop them off. I look around and try to find at least one of our friends.

"Hey Joesy, I see Harry and Ron." Rigel says. I nod. "Ohh! I see Neville and Hermione!" I say. "Meet back here?" He asks. I nod and go into the crowd to get Hermione and Neville. "Mione! Nev's!" I squeal. They both turn around at the sound of my voice.

"Joesy!" They both say. Hermione pulls me into a hug. "Hi!" Both of us say. We break apart and I turn to Neville. He's gotten a bit taller since last year. His hair is also more grown out. "Hey Nev's." I say. He smiles down at me. "Hey princess." He whispers.

I pull him into a hug and he kisses my head. "I missed you." We both whisper. I lean back and kiss his cheek before pulling away and grabbing his hand. "Come on. Rigel was with Harry and Ron." I say. I lead us over to where Rigel and I previously were standing.

The three boys come up to us. "Hey brothers." I say, pulling both Harry and Ron into a group hug. "Let's board the train yeah?" Rigel asks the six of us. We all nod and file onto the train. Hermione and I find an empty compartment near the back of the train.

"Come on. Everywhere else is full." I say. I open the door and we all pile in. Like always, I sit by the window, Neville beside me and Rigel across from us.

After an hour of catching up and talking about random things, the trolley lady comes down the hallway. Ron pulls money out of his pocket. "A packet of droobles and a licorice wand." Ron says. Then he sighs. "On second thought, just the droobles." Ron says.

"I'll get it Ron." I whisper to him. He nods and I stand up. "Pumpkin pasty love? Rigel?" I ask Neville and Rigel. "I want a licorice wand actually Joesy." Rigel says. I nod and walk up to the lady. "Two pumpkin pasties and two licorice wands please." She hands me the candy and I give her the money.

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