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Okay, so I'm not gonna lie.

Being put into hospital with a bloody hole in my stomach due to some crazy son of a b*tch breaking into mine and my dad's house, really wasn't how I wanted to spend my almost perfect Thursday.

Literally, today was perfect, got an A+, wait wait wait, THREE A+'s on my report card, and B's for the rest of my subjects (thank you so much Super Hot Tutor Guy), got no sh*t from Jessica Tyson whatsoever, had the only guy hotter then my tutor, Kyle Barns, ask ME out on a DATE WITH HIM, my teachers were actually nice to me for the whole day, then I came home to my dad who was playing video games, then I joined in.

Then everything went to sh*t thanks to one crazy...a$$hole, who, very rudely, shot me in the stomach, and says nothing before running out again.

Like, What the actually f*ck?!

But lucky for me, my dad's a doctor, a very good one. So I was raced to hospital, and according to my dad, since I passed out, had to have surgery to remove the bullet.

Yep. That's my Thursday for you! I absolutely loved it!

Of course until the psycho with a gun and gay-as-sh*t mask appeared out of nowhere.

But apart from that, my day was great! Now I'm just reading a book while listening to music from my beat up as f*ck iPod, which had its 'face' smashed in, that is still miraculously fighting for its life and still trying to make something out of it.

And- oh! Ha! Silly me! I almost forgot to introduce myself!

Hey, the names Charlie Coalton, but everyone calls me Charcoal. The nickname sucks, but so what? My friends aren't that creative, but I can see how they came up with it.

Fortunately, my dad hasn't called them yet, he's too busy calling the police and trying to figure out what's going on.

Apparently, they caught a guy, who was running away from the 'crime scene' aka my home, but he, according to the cops, isn't the shooter, but is suspected to know them, this guy is, right now, is who I'm dying to meet, 'cause if he knows anything about that crazy a$$ mother f*cker who shot me.

Then I have to be the one to make him talk.

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