::Chapter One::

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Laying in a hospital bed, just woken up from what felt like a thousand year slumber, it honestly felt like Satan himself, literally just kicked me in the face with his demonic foot.

Then, just when thinking today was going to be fine (well, better then yesterday), I find out, that I can't leave until the doctor gives me the 'all clear' so I can get outta here.

But I guess missing out on a few days school will be fine, at least I won't have to deal with Jessica if she's in a bad mood.

If you're curious as to who she is, well, let's just save that explanation for another time and just put it this way, me and Jessica aren't a friendly pair, I honestly see no point in her hating me still, but you know, you get use to it. Plus, even though I sometimes get in trouble for doing so, it's always fun to wind her up. She just, she gets angry SO EASILY.

The reason she hates me is because, I 'took' what she claimed as 'her property' which was Kyle Barns, the guy who asked me out yesterday, who clearly didn't like her so she decided to stalk the crap out of him instead and just stick to him as if she was glued to him with Super Glue.

Or as my friends say, it's as if she was welded onto him, which I would SO sorry for him if she was. That would be, worse then Hell, it'd be like, if I had to guess, like a nightmare, wrapped in another nightmare, dumped in a BIG bucket of NOPE.

My dad was beside me when I woke up, he seemed to have not even got a single bit of sleep while I literally got a night and half a day of it.

I actually felt kinda bad.

"Morning sweetheart, you feeling okay?" He turned his head to me, quickly jumping to his feet when seeing I was awake.

I nod with a soft smile, "I feel better then yesterday, if that's what you mean," I wince a bit when pain washed over me, after trying to sit up. My dad slowly and carefully pushed me back down on the bed then sighed deeply, "careful now, just lay down and rest, you need to save your strength. Okay sweetie?" I nod once, breathing out when the pain eased but at the same time increased.

I look at him then he showed me my phone, "and I was wondering, who's this Kyle? He keeps ringing you." I pause, looking at him slightly alarmed.

"What?" He raised a brow, looking a bit suspicious and jokingly angry "is he your secret boyfriend or something-?" I laugh quietly "shut it dad! You're embarrassing!" He chuckled, shaking his head. "Oh come on, it's fine, I know you don't have one, you would've already told me."

I instantly stop laughing and look at him, knowing otherwise to what he said, he noticed this then paused, "you would tell me, right?" I laugh nervously, looking away from him as he, now slightly panicked, waited for my answer.

[At The Police Station]

I was awaken by a heavy yellow folder crashing down on the shiny metal desk, a lady sitting in the chair opposite me as I sprung up and looked around, my brain, still half asleep, not fully knowing where I was nor what I was doing here.

But then I remembered. 

I grunt softly, going to wipe my eyes but was stopped by the cuffs around my wrists which were chained to the table. I look at the blond lady in front of me, her forming dressed in a nice suit, and her eyes...

I mentally whistle, damn if looks could kill, I'd be deader then dead. Heh.

"Yes Blondie? If you didn't notice, I was asleep until you burst into the room-"

"Adrian Caster, do you know why you're here?" I shrug, "oh well, probably because, hmm, because my mother and father fell in love, got married then found a bed, and-" the woman snaps, "Adrian! I mean, do you know why you're here at the police station? I mean, look around you, this is an INTERROGATION ROOM, I AM AN INTERROGATOR." She spoke slower, pointing at the table to gesture we were in an interrogation room, then to the rest of the room to point out that this is indeed a police station.

I smirk, "clever Blondie. Cool. You just proved you weren't blind and you also have your life in check. I'm very proud of you." She huffed, "just answer the question, Adrian." I sigh, looking at the cuffs around my wrists. "No, I don't know why I'm here, Polly." I glance at her badge, then she huffed, taking it off and placing it in her pocket.

I grin, "do you know why I'm here?" The blond rolled her eyes, "you are being classified as a witness, there was a shooting. You were running from the scene by the looks of it." My eyes widen, me instantly snapping out of my silly mood then leaning a bit back in my chair from shock. 

"A shooting? Like as in, a person with a gun, shooting another or-?" She nods "yes. Did you know anything about it?" I breathe out, "no, not until now. Who was shot?" Polly looked down at the yellow file. "We found the gun, seemed to have been thrown away, near where the police arrested you. Did you see anyone there? Any strange behaviour?"

I shrug, "well, if a guy taking a leak out front someone house on their front lawn counts as strange behaviour. I guess yes, but nothing apart from that." She cleared her throat, me catching a flash of disgust in her eyes before it was replaced by seriousness.

"What did he look like?" I scoff, "oh yeah, I was totally just going to stand and watch, like the creepy mother f*cker I am-" she snapped, "watch your mouth Mr. Caster!" I pause, raising a brow at her then I huff "just answering your question-"

"Your language was very irrelevant."

"Well, my parents didn't think so, actually, did you know, the first word I ever said was f*cker. Ha! I find that quite funny to be honest-"

"Mr. Caster!"

I grunt softly, "ugh, fine. But seriously, you think I'd look at the guy?" She grunts, "damn it, okay. Thanks for your help Adrian." She stood, grabbing the file and walking out.

I sigh, laying my head down on the desk instantly, using my arms to frame around my head. "Ugh, what a day." I mumble to myself, closing my eyes. Then soon enough, I felt my eyes get heavy, not bothering to fight it.

I was out.

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