Written 2012 by VeGirl

It was late that evening when Stefan and Lexi returned. Stefan was his usual brooding self and Lexi was her sparkling and positive self.
"Elena, may I have a word with you?" Stefan was direct and wanted to deal with the subject straight away.

"Sure," she said, a little surprised and followed after him upstairs as Lexi plopped down in the couch, asking what we were watching on TV.

I couldn't stop myself. "Is everything okay?" I asked with a nod toward Stefan and Elena.

"Oh yeah," she said with a smug smile. "I'll whip him back to shape."

"Thank you Lexi," I was about to say, but the words came from Damon's mouth.

Lexi turned and looked at Damon with an appreciative and flirty smile. "My pleasure!" She wiggled her eyebrows and gave him yet another flirty smile.

I interrupted the conversation with a huge yawn.

"We gave your room to Anna by the way. But here are another three in this house, take a pick!" Damon said. "I made them all up by myself. Well I compelled someone to do it..."

We all started to laugh out loud.

"That is so sweet Damon; as long as you don't compel me to do your chores," Anna said.

"You're on to me already? Dammit!" he said and Anna laughed.

I stood up and wished them good night. Damon took my hand and we left Anna and Lexi for the privacy of Damon's room. I slept like a baby that night, tight in his arms.

* * * * *

Lexi came in through the patio-doors when Anna, Elena and I sat by the kitchen table eating breakfast. "Oh, I didn't remember how good it felt with a morning run in the woods before. Sunrise is so much better than moonlight." She plopped down on a chair by the table and her big blond braid fell forward as she bend down to take the shoes off.

"I'm the one who delight in hedonism. What happened?" She laughed and we filled in.

"Did you find that boyfriend of yours?" Elena asked.

"Yes, but he had really lost it this last year. I think I'll give him a year to bounce back or I'll dump him. We have the beauty of time on our side."

I was really surprised by her cold heart.

"But I was searching for my dear friend Bree. She was nowhere to be found."

Elena and I shared a look and didn't know what to say when Anna harrumphed. "'Wasn't it Damon that killed her?"

We all stared at her and I think Elena, Anna and I stopped breathing.

"Oh, relax, I already know about it," Lexi said with a sigh. "I know my sweetie-pie tried to kill Damon and that you saved him Elena. Thank you."

Elena looked surprised at her. "Why are you thanking me?"

"My boyfriend is a sweet man, or at least he was, and killing someone would have wrecked him."

"Revenge is a bitch..." I mumbled.

Lexi nodded and we sat in silence for a while.
"So what are we doing for the day? Can't we go to the beach?"

We kept staring at her.
"Lexi, you are a little hyper. What have you've been doing?"

"I ate someone in the woods... He was drunk." She giggled.

We all gasped. "What?!"

"Oh relax, I didn't kill him." She rolled her eyes at our reactions. Luckily Stefan and Damon came walking into the kitchen at that moment. "Guys, tell the girls there's nothing wrong in eating someone you meet in the woods. It's not like I killed him."

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