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"Oh ok" he responded a little sad.

"So what are their names?" I asked "That's Cameron, Nash, Hayes, Matt, Carter, Taylor, Jack Johnson call him Johnson or Jj, Jack Gilinsky call him Jack or Gilinsky, Sammy, Skate, Tez, Shawn and Aaron" he said

There was a chorus of 'hi' 'hey' and 'nice to meet you'

"Hey I'm Demi. Y'all probably know that by now" I said with a smirk

"Well...I also need to tell you something" I said nervously


"Well...I also need to tell you something" she said nervously

"What your pregnant?" I joked like she did earlier. She looked down.

"I'm s-sorry" she whispered but we could all still hear.

"WHAT!?" I shouted. I was furious. I ran downstairs to get a knife. Looks like imma kill a bitch today.


When he ran downstairs. I looked up to see all the boys shocked. I smirked and put my index finger up to my lips "shhh" and winked then bursted into fake tears.

-All the guys-
She is cool af


Derek came up with a knife.

"WHO DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH? IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BOYS RIGHT?" He literally shouted and was the color of a tomato. I was still fake sobbing.

I started laughing and so did all the boys and Derek looked confused.
"What?" He asked "it was a prank so chill" I said wiping out my tears.

"Othankgod" he sighed

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