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Sup I'm Demi Luh. Im 13 years. I'm at school right now. My outfit is a grey hoodie with a yellow and black plaid on top of it, leggings, and white nikes. For jewelry I had my diamond earrings, 5 gold chains and my gold Michael Kors watch. I entered the restroom because I wanted to skip first period. I heard someone enter the restroom. I looked up to see the assistant principal Mrs.Cruz.

"Go to class" she ordered sternly. I rolled my eyes and passed by her exiting the restroom. I ran to my classroom and entered seeing the door was open. Just as I entered the bell rang. I did my handshake with one of my guy friend and went to the very corner at the back. I took of my black Jansport backpack and placed it at the table. I sat down and took out my matte black iPhone 7 plus. Lemme tell y'all something, everyone in this school always pronounces my last name the wrong way. Every fucking time. No matter how many times I tell them they all ways say it wrong and Im sick of it.

"Alright I'm taking attendance" the teacher said

"Jay" the teacher called out "what up dawg"

"Briana Williams" "here" she said

"Demi Luh" (he pronounced it wrong) everyone started ooing and laughing. I looked up from my phone and said "it's Luh bitch" I said standing up.

"Listen here you moron. It's Luh"(the right way)I said slamming my hands in his desk.

"You better start getting it right you pice of shit" I said messing his hair up.

I started tying him to the spinning chair. You see I had it all planned out. If someone pronounces it wrong they gone regret it. My guy friends helped me by tapping his legs and arms.

"You better fucking learn it" I said smirking after we did a huge mess. One of my guy friends recorded it since the very beginning when I walked in.

"Demi, Josh, Aiden, Elijah and
Isaiah to the office now" the principle appeared in the door way. We followed his instructions.

"I got everything on camera it was lit" josh said laughing as we entered the office

"Your behavior has been unacceptable" the principle said "sooo....I'm guessing you have a problem?" I asked smirking and the guys tried holding their laughs "that's it you pulled the last straw. You guys are suspended for 2 weeks" he said

"Bu-but" Elijah said "Mr.Crimson!" Isaiah exclaimed "we don't know how to thank you" I said which a fake smile making the principal frown. We jumped out of our seats and ran out the door.

Hope y'all like it

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