Teen Smackdown

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Note: This story actually based off me and my neighborhood.My friend and I thought it'd be amusing to fake a tv show whenever people on our block would stir up drama. I decided to write it out and Teen Smackdown was born!

"And we bring you back live to Teen Smackdown episode 10!Ding ding ding!" shouted Maria.

Maria and her best friend Jamie laughed. They'd been best friends and had lived on the same block since they'd been in diapers. They lived exactly six houses down and they could talk on IM for hours. People at their school even said they looked like each other and frequently thought they were sisters.

Maria was a short 5'3 Asian with long brown hair in the summer and coal black hair in the winter. She was thirteen, short, thin and loved to dress in her own style. She loved to wear her favorite green sweatshirt and a pair of jeans anywhere. Painting her nails, reading and being with her friends was a way of life to her. She loved to be happy and make others laugh. She acted much more mature than her thirteen years although people tended to say she was immature.

Jamie was an inch taller being 5'4 but normally towered over Maria in her favorite wedged flip flops. She was also thirteen and had the curves and beauty every girl wanted. Jamie had a younger sister, Emily, who she loved to torture or embarrass at any chance possible. Her favorite color was black and was really a softie under all the show. Jamie had went through divorced parents, a torturous sister, and boy drama and still remained strong.

Maria and Jamie now were faking a reality TV show with Maria as a talk show host. Their street West Drive, which was located closely to West High School, was always filled with drama and they tried lightening the mood by joking.

Maria was talking into an air microphone.

"And we're back. Hope you enjoyed the commercials. We now zoom in on Marissa, Chris, and Serena."

Jamie fakes moving a camera to zoom in on the other two girls and boy.

"You shouldn't even have gone there!" Serena yelled.

Marissa was screaming at the top of her lungs.She might have been the oldest at fifteen but it didn't mean she wasn't going to yell at thirteen year olds. They'd known each other their whole lives anyway.

"This isn't even your fight! Stay out of it! This is between Jamie and me. So butt your face out of this Serena. Your name isn't event that unique."

Serena looked taken aback. She had always thought of her name unique. Her mother had decided to give her a funky name, compared to all her older sisters whose names all rhymed. Serena came from a family with the typical mom and dad who involved themselves in everything. She had three older sisters, Joelle, Noel, and Roele. All of who got on her nerves constantly. She had the body of an athlete yet the soft curves of a model and she looked much older than her twelve years. Serena had recently become detached from her parents. Feeling worked to the max and overused she was rarely in a good mood and Marissa was sending her over the edge.

"Marissa, unless you want your face to end up in the sewer you better shut up. This whole thing was your fault anyway. You're the one who went behind all of our backs. Why don't you tell Maria and Jamie the truth? Especially Jamie. This is what you've been waiting for and I just set up the perfect chance. So tell her."

Maria and Jamie froze. They were just trying to lighten the mood. What did this have to do with them and what the heck was Serena talking about?

Chris watched this dumbfounded. He was only fourteen. So I guess you wouldn't be able to blame him too much. He watched Maria and Jamie watching this with a confused look on their faces. He looked at Serena and Marissa locked in, what looked like a glaring contest.

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