1: Monday Morning

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Onimikeler Kid AU:

1: Monday Morning


Of all mornings, it was a Monday morning. Monday mornings sucked ass. After two beautiful mornings where Tyler and Mike got to sleep in, both had to wake up very early in the morning for work. Mike was always the first up, taking a quick shower before getting ready to leave for work at 7 AM. Tyler would get up about the same time, but wouldn't have to leave for work until 7:30 AM. It was always easier to get up at the same time, allowing Tyler a bit more time to wake up completely.

On this Monday morning, just like any other, the alarm went off at exactly 6 AM. Slowly, the loud annoying beeping pulled the two men out from their comfort of sleep. Mike, asleep right beside the stupid clock, was quick to turn it off, while Tyler moved around in the covers groaning. The two laid in the bed for a couple more seconds before Mike forced himself to sit up. Rubbing his eyes, Mike looked around, adjusting to the light of the room, and the cold air from the fan. Something didn't feel right this morning, though. Something was very different.

You see, on normal weekend mornings, Onity would sleep in with Tyler and Mike. Even when Onity wasn't sleepy, he'd stay in the bed between his lovers, enjoying their presence. Enjoying their warmth, their touch, their snores, anything and everything about their very existence.

On Week mornings, however, Onity would be up before Tyler and Mike's early alarm. Onity doesn't need eight hours of sleep every night like humans. He can preform perfectly fine having maybe 4 hours of sleep every night. So during the week, Onity would wake up, and he'd enjoy being a morning person. He'd turn on the coffee maker for Tyler and Mike and he'd maybe put some waffles in the toaster or set out the cereal and milk, and then sit down and watch TV. On mornings when the alarm doesn't work in waking the two up, Onity is pretty good at making sure Tyler and Mike aren't late for work.

This Monday morning, however, Onity was in bed. He had only one leg under the covers, his entire body out in the cold hair, limbs stretched out, one over his face. His mouth was open, and you could hear him breathing as if he'd just finished running miles. If that wasn't worrying enough, he was struggling to stay in his human disguise. His limbs had pretty much given out, now long, skinny, and purple, with claw like feet and hands. Other patches of skin had decided to turn purple as well. Parts of him seemed to flicker almost in between as Onity breathed in and out.

Tyler noticed Onity pretty quickly as well, being pushed a little closer to the end of the bed then he'd like. Tyler kicked the covers off and leaned over Onity, placing his hand on Onity's face. As Mike turned on the lamp on his side of the bed, Onity began to move his arm out of his face. If Onity had been asleep, it wasn't a very deep sleep, because he was awake now, looking up at Tyler who looked greatly concerned.

"Are you sick?" Tyler asked.

Onity nodded his head. It was pretty obvious he was sick. But of course, it was surprising, because the night before Onity was perfectly fine. Onity has only ever gotten sick maybe once before, and they've lived together for years and years. When Onity does get sick, it can be similar to human sickness, but he loses a lot of control on his magical abilities.

"Would you like me to warm up some tea or something?" Mike asked.

Onity nodded his head.

There really isn't much they know how to do when it comes to addressing Onity's sickness. Onity doesn't have a good memory on what Onis did when they got sick because getting sick was a rare thing. The one time he did get sick, Tyler and Mike did everything you'd do with a sick human, but a lot of that didn't have any effect on Onity. Medicines don't work well and Onity can't seem to decide if he wants a shit ton of blankets or none at all. Onity does enjoy getting warm comfort food, but it's difficult to tell if that actually does anything or If it just lifts Onity's mood.

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