Prologue: Oni Anatomy 101

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Onimikeler Kid AU:

prologue: Oni Anatomy 101


"Alright!" Onity smiles, marker in hand, and a pad of white paper on the table. "Oni anatomy 101, Ready?"

Mike and Tyler, Onity's boyfriends, sat at the table across from Onity. After a comment made by Onity a couple nights ago that confused them, they asked Onity about his species again. This time, they wanted to know more about his anatomy. From what they could gather already, it wasn't like humans.

"Ready!" Tyler and Mike replied.

"Okie! Forget everything you think you know about gender and sex, and we'll start from the beginning." Onity began, drawing visuals on the paper to help Tyler and Mike follow along. "Picture a baby Oni. From birth, you can figure out one thing about the baby. Is it male or female?"

Onity drew a baby onity and then question marks.

"Ah! But see, Male and Female don't mean the same thing with our species! Some Humans like to think of Males and Females as two complete opposites, and what you are is decided by whats in your pants.  Some Humans like to think of Males and Females as a social construct, and that there really is more too this. But I'm not here to talk about humans, I'm here to talk about Onis. If an Oni is male, they're body structure is really thin. If the Oni is female, their body structure is a bit more built, and they tend to be a bit stronger."

"So male and female to Onis is really just body type?" Mike asked.

"Correct!" Onity smiled.

"So Onis only have two body types?" Tyler asked. 

"Actually, no, but we don't have the variety that humans do. While humans come in all sorts of body types, Onis only come in three body types. As I explained, Males are thin and Females are a bit ticker with a stronger built structure, but there is a lesser common body type called Aemales."

"What are Aemales?" Mike asked.

"To put it simply, they're shorter then the average Oni." Onity said.

"So your bodytypes are thin, built, or short?" Tyler asked.

"Sounds strange, right?" Onity laughed.

"Certainly." Mike replied.

"Moving on!" Onity turned to a blank page. "Baby is born! It's either Male, Female, or Aemale. So if that's body structure, what's their sex? Well, you don't get to find out until a year later!"

"What? Why?" Tyler asked.

"Babies grow, and their body needs to work things out during that first year. All onis are born with the same parts inside, but the body needs to adjust to elements like body type and personality." Onity went on. "So all Onis have two sex organs. To be understandable, Organ one allows you to be the mother, organ two allows you to be the father. Ah, but at the age of one, something happens."

Onity continued. "So four things can happen that determine your sex, or better known as tier. If organ one stops working, you can only get others pregnant, and you're tier one. If organ two stops working, you can only get pregnant, you're tier two. If both of them continue to work fine, you can do either, and you're tier three. If both stop working, you can't do either, and are tier four."

"I think I get it." Tyler replied, looking confused.

"So what are you?" Mike asked.

"Me?" Onity asked. "I'm male in terms of body structure, and Tier three."

"I forgot what tier three was." Tyler said.

"Already?" Onity smiled. "Both of my organs work."

"Ohh, that's why he said kids weren't completely out of the picture!" Tyler said, referencing that one night they had that argument. "He can get pregnant!"

Onity nodded his head. "I thought you caught my hint."

"I did, he didn't apparently." Mike said.

"Hey!" Tyler replied.

"But, continuing on, because we're not done!" Onity got another blank paper, continuing to draw things. "When humans refer to others as male or female or agender or whatever, we refer to Onis as, for me for example, M Tier Three. My older sister would be F Tier One, or my older brother an M Tier Four."

"Understood." Mike replied.

"This is really complicated." Tyler said.

"You asked to know." Onity placed the marker down.

"Is there more?" Tyler asked.

Onity thought for a second. "Oh! One more thing about the organs! Even if they don't work, it's not like they disappear! You can still use them, just don't expect to get a baby from it."

"Got it."

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