3: Worry

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Onimikeler Kid AU:

3: Worry


The excitement of the announcement continued to make it difficult for any of the three men to stop smiling. Mike and Onity made hamburgers that night while Tyler stood just out of the way, watching and creating small conversation whenever he had anything to say. It was now that the three of them noticed that Onity had a much larger appetite. That or he hadn't eaten much recently. Onity really couldn't tell what was the cause of it, but he ate two burgers, and those patties were pretty big.

As the three of them began to slow in their eaten, as well as in their talking, Tyler took his empty plate to the sink in the kitchen and Onity finished his drink. Mike laid back in his chair, really only now thinking more to himself about the situation. And with that, worry began to set in.

"Onity?" Mike leaned forward.

"Hm?" Onity looked over, and though taking notice of Mike's change in tone, chose not to seem worried.

"I keep forgetting.." Mike changed his wording." Well, I just, was wondering how much you remember about how your species deal with..with this."

Onity smiled. "There is very little I know for certain. We've talked about this before. Though there is everything to worry about, there is nothing we cannot figure out."

"I know, I just-"

"-worry, I know." Onity finished his sentence. He placed his hand out on the table for Mike to hold. "Everything will be okay."

Mike took Onity's hand into his hands, holding it. Onity's human hands were very feminine however only slightly smaller then Mike's. It was difficult to believe that under that disguise Mike was holding what could only be described as claws, larger then his own, but yet nonthreatening and comforting.

"What do you know, exactly?" Tyler asked, walking back into the room and sitting in his chair.

Onity turned to face Tyler, however still held his arm out for Mike.

"I know....that while humans carry their child for nine months, onis carry theirs for...for maybe two or three?" Onity seemed unsure.

"Two months?!" Tyler repeated.

"Well Onis don't require a lot of what humans do. They're really just weak bodies with magical energy fueling everything." Onity replied.

"But our baby isn't completely Oni? So how much of this information can we rely on?" Tyler asked.

"None." Onity answered. "If having a baby with a human changes anything, I might carry for more then three months, but I heavily doubt a full nine month carry."

"How do we know the baby will be okay?" Mike asked.

"The baby will be okay, Mike." Onity said.

Mike thought about it. They don't have a lot of time before they actually have the kid. They'd done some planning, but nothing like getting a room set up or anything. And they should really give thought to how they actually plan on raising their kid. Like, legit come to a consensus on if they should try to slide the kid into the system with fake identification or do they home school the kid and they live laid back like Onity? What would the kid want to do?

Mike felt guilty. This kind of stuff was actually really important. They're bringing into the world a kid who is unlike any other, and whom won't have anyone they can relate to. Onity is completely Oni and has no experience with human childhood, and Mike and Tyler are humans with no experience at Oni life styles.

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