2: Baby??

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Onimikeler Kid AU:

2: Baby??


Tyler sat in the cafeteria in the hospital, on his lunch break, late Tuesday afternoon. He really couldn't call in sick again to stay with Onity, he really did have an important job that he worked hard for. Mike went into work too, but they didn't leave their sick love at home alone. Tyler really owes his sister for being able to get to their house so early in the morning. They called Rose in hope she could lend a hand, which lead to Rose staying with Onity to keep an eye on him.

On his break, Tyler was sitting at the table, hardly eating his food, texting his sister about Onity.

Tyler: How is Onity???

Rose: Feeling better now, but he threw up again after you guys left. :(( poor baby

Tyler: Really?? He's better??

Rose: Yep.

Rose sent Tyler a picture of Onity sitting on the couch in blankets, but otherwise seemingly happy. He didn't appear to feel sick.

Tyler: This is exactly what happened yesterday.

Rose: U worried he's gonna throw up again tomorrow morning?

Tyler: Yes...

Rose: Do you know what might be making him sick???

Tyler: No idea.

Rose: I know the dude's not human but can't you use some of your medical smarts to come up with something

Rose: ????

Tyler: I didn't go to school for alien anatomy.

Tyler: Also I can't really take him to anyone to see what's wrong.

Rose: What does he think it is?

Tyler: Haven't asked.

Rose: I'll ask.

Tyler waited impatiently for Rose to reply. He took a few more bites of his lunch while he waited.

Rose: He shrugged. :/

Tyler: If he doesn't know then how should I?

Rose: Right...

Rose: Oh.

Tyler: ????

Rose: Tell be about his sickness, I have an idea.

Tyler thought back on the past two days.

Tyler: fluctuating body temperatures, inability to control magic, throws up, tired, but all in the morning. By late afternoon he's totally fine.

Rose: Uuhhh take out the whole magic thing and you know what it sounds like?

Tyler: No, what?

Rose: dude you have a medical education what gives

Tyler: ??????

Rose: Sounds like morning sickness.

Rose: Dumbass.

Rose: <3 <3 <3 love you.

"Oh...fuck." Tyler said under his breath. He was a dumbass if it took him this long to think morning sickness.

Tyler leaned back in his seat, but at a point remember he didn't have a back to the seat, and fell back, reaching for the table to save him. He ended up falling back on his head, people from all over the cafeteria staring at him. After a second of pain, Tyler pulled himself up.

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