Weird concotion

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So, I was experimenting with different proteins and stuff to find something new for my hair, and surprisingly , it made my curl pattern AMAZING!  My hair looks so good and I honestly can't wait to show it off.

So you wanna know what it is eh? It's going to sound weird and out of place , but it was an experiment. If you're brave enough , you'll try it too.

Here's what I did : I took my regular shampoo (Fruit Fusion coconut water weightless shampoo by Shea Moisture ) , coconut oil , Wild Grow oil , and 1 egg. Yes, an egg , they have lots of protein and I think it might help strengthen the hair, also some squirts of honey . And I kind of whisked it all together and used it as a shampoo. Don't automatically rinse it though , kind of let it sit for a while , ya know.

Well, yeah that's what I did. Hope you try it . :))

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