Box Braids and Sew In's

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Ok so, I'm back, sorry I have been gone for so long. It's been a bunch of Exams at school so I didn't have time to update. Today's writing is done on a laptop.

So the topic for today is Box Braids and Sew In's. I actually talked to a hair dresser about these ans she said they are good for natural. Sew in's are really good they just let your hair GROW while being flawless. Box-Braids do the same, but with Box Braids you have to take care of them. You also have to remember to grease your scalp.

You also have to remember not to keep things like those in sometimes because it could mess up your edges. YOU NEED YOUR EDGES! So don't keep them in too long. I know some of you do. *sips tea* But that's none of my business ...

So, yeah keep these things in mind. And for all the kids n' teens reading this , it's the last day of school, HAVE FUN!

If it didnt work out inbox me and I could tell you what you may have did wrong or give you another tip!

Your Fabulous All the Way! 😍💛 #teamnautural

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