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Alright so , I know its been a while since you have heard from me. I'm so sorry but guess what? I'm back and I got a new tip. Also by the way, you guys are not so supportive. I want you to please tell me if it worked or if it didn't. Okay so this new trick sounds real crazy,but it works. So bare with me people.( Today's writing is on the laptop.)

Things you need:

*Water(Be by a sink or bathtub)

*Leave in conditioner (suggested) or regular conditioner.


*Styling gel


Directions:Comb your hair out >_<.Okay so what you need to do is real simple so this is gonna be a real easy tutorial . Part your hair , section it out. Make them a little thick this time. Get your conditioner and POP IT OPEN! Lmfao , lets be Hatty from Tyler Perry today. Now dab a little bit on your hair and rub in in, but not to much. Do the same with the gel. Shake the strand of hair a little bit. And twist. Do this with the rest of your hair. Now once you are done , put your hair under some water . DO NOT let your twist unravel. Dry it off (pat dry) ant thin place the towel over your head then wrap the two ends around your neck so no water will drip everywhere.

Wait about 15min. Set timer on phone or clock.

Unravel the twist and kind of split it apart, nd WALA! Beautiful , natural curls.

If you're satisfied with your curls, vote,comment and tell me.

If it didnt work out inbox me and I could tell you what you may have did wrong or give you another tip!

Your Fabulous All the Way! 😍💛 #teamnautural

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