This song is what I imagine playing during their date, it's probably unrelated, but I just love this song so much.

Skinny Love - by Birdy.

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"If this is what you call dressing as a hobo," he gasps, as he stares at me with adoration,  "I did take hobo anytime."

Obviously I wouldn't dress as a hobo for this man. So I picked a vanilla summer dress, beige blazer, with a brown-ish scarf around my neck. To match the look, I wore a pair of beige Givenchy sandals.

Thalia got me that as a present for my 19th birthday. Since she bought it from Givenchy, I use it for important events only.

I know what you are probably thinking, but Jesse is an exception. I want to look nice in front of this man. Not that I wanted to please him.

My hand instantly went up to my shell earring, as to how nervous I was from how sweet his words were.

To be honest, I looked like I was trying to please him but I don't. Ok maybe a little, but seriously I couldn't care less. This one date and I'll be over it.

"Thanks." I blushed; my hand gripping my purse hardens as he continues to stare at me hungrily.

"Jesse, you better bring my girl back before 10!" Thalia shouted from the kitchen, she was busy doing her favorite recipe. I believe she said someone was coming over, though I wasn't sure whom.

"Sure Miss. Grendeur," Jesse replied.

He smiles warmly, as he took my hand and leads us downstairs into his car.

Or a limo

"Seriously a limo?" I can't believe him, it was just a dinner and we had to ride in a limo. Might as well get used to it, until he dumps me, since I will be around him for a while. I don't think he was planning on letting me go just yet. Maybe after I deny him sex, he will get bored and leave.

Somehow that thought was unsettling.

"Yes seriously, now quit complaining and enjoy the ride."

Jesse opened the door for me, and I entered.

This was exactly what I expected when I entered, a flat TV, a bucket of ice champagne and much more other stuff you would like to lick. I tried so hard not to touch anything, even though I was tempted to. With the exception of the man next to me.

"Would you like a drink?" I didn't hear Jesse enter, but then again I was focusing a lot more on the limo. I shook my head, "No, thank you".

"Quit gawking will you?" Jesse touched my shoulder lightly. I suddenly snap back into reality, his touch always does that. It felt like it jolted me awake with every of his light touches.

"You are wearing jeans," this time I gasp at how casual he looks.

He was like a normal man for once. He looked as if he was someone I met in a nice café, even though the limo was making it hard to think about it that way.

He laughed, the sound sent shiver down my spine, taking my breath away. How could a man be so annoying and perfect at the same time? Especially in those jeans and that mouth watering black shirt that hugs his body perfectly. Showing his broad muscle and his toned body.

"Like what you see?" He smirked. I shake my head, denying the truth, and looked out the window.

I could hear his laughter once again and it made me smile, for no damn reason.

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