Chapter 1

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His feet making quick contact with the cold pavement as the wind cut his face.

Stumbling as he made the sharp turn into a dim lit alley.

His well pressed suit and intoxicated state did not help his balance what so ever but he kept Running.

Gazing and Admiring.

Leisurely she walked passed the shop windows with cold air caressing her face. The cold air was wonderful.

She buttoned up her dark orange peacoat as the wind hit. She stood in front of a stores window which had a beautiful Christmas display.


Nick ran until he got to the main street and realized that he was completely lost and incoherent. Everything was a blur and his feet kept crossing over one another.

The cold wind entered through his thin button down shirt. As he tried to walk straight he felt his knees give out and his shoulder collided with someone else's. He had just crashed into a middle aged man that cursed and spat at Nick as he was on one knee trying to get back his balance.

The middle aged man walked away rubbing his shoulder and Nick got up quickly. Too quickly, for he felt his head spin an suddenly his feet were taking him to the busy street with cars whizzing by.

They'll stop, Nick thought.


As Selena took her eyes from the display she watched a well dressed man crash into another man. The well dressed man seemed to be out of it and fell onto one knee from the impact.

Selena watched as the man got up from his fallen position and walked towards the cars on the street.

What the hell is he thinking?

Her heart jumped as she quickly grabbed his forearm and pulled him back. His body weight fell into her and she let out a curse from his lack of help. She grabbed his arm and wrapped it around her neck trying to lift him.

She shook her head as she heard him whisper, "Did they stop? They should've stopped."

She found a wooden bench in front of a wonderfully decorated tree that were all over New York this time of year. Laying him down she said, "Imma try to get a cab so it can get you home safely." She left him on the bench as she walked up to the busy street and stuck out her hand. Thankfully it wasn't that late and a cab stopped in front of her. She opened the door and loudly spoke the words, "I'll be right back!"

She ran to the bench to find the man laying down and trying to sleep. A sigh left her pink lips as she grabbed his arm and pulled it over her shoulder--dragging him to the cab.

After helping him in she closed the door but the cab did not leave; instead she heard the cab driver call her. "Ma'am. Ma'am," the man's calls were muffled from him being inside the vehicle.

"Yes?" She responded as she opened the cab doors once again. The young man she had just placed inside the car was sprawled over the back seat.

"I can't take this man anywhere. He doesn't even know where to go. And even if he knows where he lived I doubt he'll be able to pay me."

Selena let out a sigh of defeat, "What the hell am I supposed to do?" The young man finally deciding to sit up right and properly; as the cab driver shrugged.

Selena quickly took out her wallet and found that she had three crisp $20 bills. She cursed as she moved the young man aside and told the cab driver to take her to her apartment. She hoped that the $60 she had would cover the long trip back.

The cab started up and she looked over at the drunk fool next to her. He sliding off the leather seat with his sight set on the window and the view outside. Who was this man?

His head turned sharply as if he had heard her thought.

"This- This isn't the way to my house..." he slurred.

"I'm taking you to my house," Selena said coldly. She was a tight wad and she was pissed that she was about to waste her hard earned money on this man who was foolish enough to get drunk and not know his own address.

"You're very very kind," he sighed as his head fell.

He had fallen asleep.

Selena shook her head again knowing that she would have to carry him out of the cab. She looked out the window recognizing the building.

They were close to her apartment.


The cab stopped infront of the modest building. Selena paid the cab driver and she was thankful that she still had about $25 left.

Pulling the half asleep man out of the cab and through the building was tough for Selena but she was just thankful to be home.

Once at her apartment she struggled to open the door and when it opened the allowed the drunk man to walk in first.

Selena suddenly realized that she was letting a drunk man that she found on the streets in her apartment. She had been fooled by his well pressed suit and designer shoes.

What if this man is a murdered?

She walked quickly over to the stumbling man that had just walked into her living space and turned on the light. She heard him hiss and she decided to take his coat off to see she could find some identification.

The man didn't even notice as he lay face down on the couch.

Finding his wallet Selena looked through it finding a small amount of money, 2 credit cards, and a picture of a dog. How cute.

She took out his ID and quickly took a picture of it.

Nick Jonas

160 lbs

5 ft 9 in

D.O.B. September 16, 1992

Taking a picture of it she sent t to one of her freind with the following text, "If I turn up dead tmrw or some other time through this week. This man may be responsible."

She hit send and walked into her bedroom leaving him uncomfortably on the couch.

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