So this is Christmas ❄

So this is Christmas ❄

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lazy daisy By ifwewait Updated Feb 02, 2014


His feet making quick contact with the cold pavement as the wind cut his face.

Stumbling as he made the sharp turn into a dim lit alley.

His well pressed suit and intoxicated state did not help his balance what so ever but he kept Running.


Gazing and Admiring.

Leisurely she walked passed the shop windows with cold air caressing her face. The cold air was wonderful.

She buttoned up her dark orange peacoat as the wind hit. She stood in front of a stores window which had a beautiful Christmas display.


Nick ran until he got to the main street and realized that he was completely lost and incoherent. Everything was a blur and his feet kept crossing over one another.

The cold wind entered through his thin button down shirt. As he tried to walk straight he felt his knees give out and his shoulder collided with someone else's. He had just crashed into a middle aged man that cursed and spat at Nick as he was on one knee trying to get back his balance.

The middle aged man...