Chapter 2

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Nick woke up to the harsh light invading his eyes. A loud groan left his lips as he turned over to move his face away from the vicious light. Unfortunately, Nick was not on his king sized bed; it had been swapped for a small sofa, so he fell. His whole body made contact with the cold floor and he heard things fall around him.

Nick laid there for a couple of seconds and slowly got up feeling his brain pulsating against his skull. Once to his feet he found that he was not in his spacious condo but rather a small quaint apartment. As he stepped to find out who his captor was he heard something crack under his foot.

It was an ornament.

He looked around and Next to him he saw a decked out Christmas tree and half of the ornaments on the ground.

He groaned not caring for the damage he had left. As he got closer to the door he noticed a paper over the peephole that read "There's aspirin on the counter and a water bottle next to it. Take as many as you need and please know that I have my neighbor watching if you decide to rob me or something. He took 10 years of karate, so good luck."

Nick was not in the mood for a chuckle so he went straight to the kitchen counter and took two aspirin and a gulp from the water bottle. Not wanting to leave a bigger mess he took the water bottle with him.

He opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. He watched another door open and a young blue eyed man, around the same age as him, stepped out and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"So you must be the one that Selena 'saved' yesterday," the man confronted.

Nick responded with a simple, "Yea."

"She told to keep an eye on you in case you stole anything but from the sound of it you're not very secretive...what was that noise anyway?" The neighbor continued.

"I- uh- I- uh-fell off the couch an-and dropped some ornaments."

"Did you pick them back up?" The neighbor asked not skipping a beat.

"Yeah," Nick lied through his teeth.

"Good. Then she might not be so mad about the 45 bucks you made her spend."

$45 Nick thought

Nick gave a weak smile as he walked away knowing that he would have be back in the mediocre building to repay that money.


Selena watched as the elevator doors opened and allowed her to see Demi sitting in the waiting area, on her phone.

She walked towards her, her nude pumps clicking against the tiled floor. Selena felt very confident with what she was wearing--a pastel pink pencil skirt that fit her snug and above the knees. Her plain button down shirt was tucked into the skirt and her hair was half up half down.

As she approached the blonde she hugged her portfolio closer to her chest and fixed her hand bag that was falling off her shoulder. They had a meeting with a person of interest, and hopefully future investor, and Selena was terribly nervous.

Demi on the other hand was prepared to confront Selena so when she felt Selena's presence was close enough she jumped and shoved her phone into Selena's face.

"Why was THIS sent to me yesterday without explanation? Were you having a kinky date last night that I didn't know about?" Demi asked impatiently.

"Uh, good morning to you too," Selena said as she sat down next to her taking the phone out of Demi's hand she examined the photo.

"He was drunk off his ass yesterday and almost got run over right in front of me...I got him a cab but he couldn't even remember his address so I just took him home," Selena said casually giving the phone back to Demi.

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