Filthy scarf

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  "Give me that scarf." Levi demanded, looking directly at one of the newest additions to the special operations squad, Mikasa Ackerman. "....Back off shorty, this scarf is mine." The girl replied touching the scarf that hung around her neck, a beloved gift she had for years. "Ackerman, it's laundry day and that scarf is filthy." He stated firmly, his glare intensifying. Unfortunately for him, the black haired youth wouldn't back down.

  "I'll clean it myself if you'll leave me alone." The girl said looking down at her superior. The man growled, "Ackerman that scarf is disgusting, I'm going to wash it and then return it to you." He said irritated. The girl, very reluctantly, handed him her scarf,but with the speed of a Sasha who had sighted food, had grabbed the cravat off of Levi's neck.

  "Ackerman......Just what do you think you're doing!?" He said with an frustrated face in response to her, rather bold, and stupid, move. "If you're taking my 'filty' scarf...I suppose it's only fair that I can hold onto this ugly thing for a while." She said looking at the article of clothing in her hand.  'That little....' Levi had thought to himself, realising that this was the best he'd get, he said glaring into her eyes "When you give that back I expect it to be washed." Before he had taken his leave, after all, he had to make sure the floors upstairs were spotless. 

And that day Levi had decided to use her scarf to wipe the floors before washing it as a little act of vengeance. Little did he know Mikasa had done something similar, as she placed his windex on the top shelf, chuckling darkly to herself muttering "Try and reach that now you short bastard..."

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