What if's -4-

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Chapter quarte -What if's-

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Dedicated to SneezingTurtle. If you like unique boyxboy stories with epic descriptions and massive chapters, her stories are for you. My personal favorite is Victim ^_^

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Why was PE mandatory?

Why couldn't I take something like art or music or heck, even a cooking class. Anything is better than gym. I had elected to not take it as a freshman so I had to take it now if I wanted to graduate. I hated it.

The school seemed to think that everyone was athletically inclined. There was a large portion of students who were, but I was not. What's the purpose of running around a stupid track for fifteen minutes? I could be doing something much more productive.

Then again, I wasn't particularly good at anything so of course I was going to rag on it. While I was puffing and panting, Sebastian and Luke were practically running circles around me. Can't forget the fact that Dannie had practically sprouted wings and she was flying past all of the guys and girls.

I seriously contemplated about whether or not anyone would notice if I jumped behind the bleachers on my next lap; then stayed there of the remainder of the period...

"Don't even think about it, Cammy." I nearly fell down when someone breathed that in my ear. I whipped my head around. Dannie flashed me a grin. "I know you're thinking about running off, but it's not worth failing PE." I gave her a look.

"It...might...be..." I panted. She rolled her eyes and slowed down to a jog. It was still hard for me to keep up with her. "I don't understand what all the girls find so attractive in you," She gave me a joking once-over. "You're kinda cute, but nothing to talk about."

"Could...say the...same...for you." I wheezed.

"Jesus, Cameron, it's a wonder how you're even able to get out of bed in the morning. It's like all your physical energy is used on buying and making beanies." Okay, so maybe the beanie was a bit more than just an accessory. I had gotten into the habit of wearing them when my aunt Tracy had given me one for my tenth birthday. She didn't know what to get me and she just happened to be in a clothing store.

Well, lucky for her I fell in love with it. Ever since then I'd started collecting and making them. Sitting in the back of my closet, I had empty shoe boxes full of beanies, organized by color and theme.

I may have had a slight addiction to them.

But that's normal right? It was like how some girls always wore a specific clothing item, like knee high socks or hipster glasses.

"True." When the PE teacher finally blew his whistle I was beyond thankful. I hobbled towards the locker rooms and hunted around for my clothes. I hated everything about the locker rooms. I didn't know if they had that other schools, but at our schools locker room encounters were never fun. The locker room was heavy with a thick cloud of must and steam constantly, which seemed to make everyone feel worse. Often times there were fights in the locker room, it could have been from a variety of things, but many of them were on the basis of one guy thinking another was gay. It may have been jokingly but more often than not it was serious.

Most guys chose to shower during the break time, but I couldn't do it. The showers were disgusting, if some alien life form had taken residence in the showers I wouldn't have been suprised. The showers were extremely old and some of them were rusted. It was rumored that they hadn't been replaced in over twenty years.

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