A world of accidents -9-

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Chapter neuf -A world of accidents-

Dedicated to cookiemonster252 for having confused eyes just like Sebastian.

I was tired.

I was seriously tired of feeling the way I was. Half of me wanted to slap Sebastian for making me lose my mind like this, but the other half kind of wanted to kiss him. That's why I still avoided him. I was liable to do either one of those stupid things and I didn't want to do them because it only made this situation worse.

And as if I wasn't already confused enough, come Wednesday, ten days after the incident, during my free period I was on my way to the library when someone clapped their hand over my mouth and I was plunged into darkness.

As if on instinct, I bit the attacker's hand and backed up until I hit something and nearly fell over. "Merde!" I heard a very familiar voice say. "Did you really have to bite me?" Click. The lights went on. Sebastian had a look on his face that was a mix between annoyed and curious.

"Did you really have to kidnap me?" I countered defensively, realizing where we were. "The janitor's closet? Do you know how cliché that is?"

He leaned against the wall. "Maybe. But I need to talk to you." I swallowed dryly at his tone. This wasn't a can we talk? this was a we are going to talk. Like now.

"You could have asked me to talk in public, like a normal person." That was a little bit of a fib. I'd been avoiding him for ten days consecutively, no way I would have even let him say one word to me. I guess 'kidnapping' me wasn't all that outrageous.

He scoffed. "I think we both know that's a lie." I shrugged sheepishly. "You've been avoiding me for the past week or so. I don't really think you would have responded very well to that. This may be a little excessive, but it's necessary. I need to ask you something," I was suddenly aware of small the closet was. If I tried to leave he could easily stop me. I slumped against the wall in defeat.


"I don't know if you know this, but I really like you. And I have for a while now. I get that the first time we kissed you weren't yourself because you had been drinking, but the second time..." He trailed off, looking me straight in the eye.  "I just need to know if you're even considering dating me. I don't do 'experimenting' I've done it before and it didn't end well." He sighed as if recalling something, and crossed his arms.

"Sebastian," I said quietly because I didn't know what else to say. He just watched me ever so patiently as I struggled to find the words to say. Finally I decided on, "This isn't fair."

He looked surprised. "What?"

I felt my confidence grow at his expression. As did a small twinge of anger. "It isn't. My entire life I have been straight and now you're asking me do come out of the closet for you, whom I've known for less than a month, to my homophobic mother and her boyfriend? I can't do that. I can't. But I now I can't leave you alone, I hate not talking to you, I can't bring myself to not talk to you or ignore you. It's not fair that you're doing this to me." I hadn't realized that I had gotten so close to him until I jabbed my finger into his chest.

"If it helps, it was an accident." He said softly. "I didn't plan on crushing on anyone. I have a list of things not to do -- that I've all but failed-- I even added a point for you. I'm sorry." In the dim light his eyes were so dark that they looked brown. They flickered down to meet mine. "It wouldn't make things any better if I kissed you, right?" My eyes drifted down to his lips on their own accord. I liked his lips, they were generally thin but the upper was just a bit thinner than the bottom. Then they were a dark shade of pink, nearly red. Perfectly kissable, I thought with a jolt.

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