12:12 -14-

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Chapter quatorze -12:12-

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Has there every been a moment in your life when you just felt the world was rushing by too fast for your mind to understand? Like the things happened but your head couldn't begin to piece the actions together? That was how I felt looking at Cameron lying on the ground like a crumpled scrap of paper. Cindy had disappeared somewhere in the crowd. I was still standing stupidly above him.

"Merde. Merde!" I exclaimed quietly, under my breath. He was completely out. His face was red and his eyes were shut. I knew I couldn't just leave him on the floor so I bent over and awkwardly scooped up his legs with one arm, and cradled his head with the other. Thank God I hadn't stopped working out since I got to Alice's. Cameron may have looked like a light little feather, but he was definitely a bit of a weight on my arms. It was manageable though.

I moved through the crowd, trying not to focus on how cute he looked, even with his mouth opened wide and his breath smelling like the inside of a minibar.

A few people gave me weird looks, but when the asked I replied with, he's drunk and they nodded and moved on. I wasn't quite sure where to put him. I had checked the doors upstairs, they were all locked. So I made my way downstairs.

Upon arriving downstairs, I realized that the couches in the living room were full. I remembered having seen the basement earlier, so I started down the stairs carefully, trying not to jostle him.

As I walked into the dimly lit room, I heard laughing and talking. I turned to face the couch and I heard a gasp. "Holy shit, Sebastian, did you kill someone?" I recognized Dannie's voice. I heard her feet pad over to me, she was barefoot. She gasped, then swore again. "This hasn't happened for a while, go set him on the couch." I walked over to the couch she was talking about and the people scrambled off it. I carefully laid Cameron on the down, making sure to put a pillow under his head. I straightened up and saw Luke along with the boy with the shoulder length brown hair from outside. There were two other girls I didn't know standing awkwardly beside them.

"Hey, can you guys leave?" I heard Dannie's voice behind me. "It was a lot of fun playing with you two, but I really need to deal with this." The two girls assured her that it was all okay, then they hurried upstairs to join that mess of a party. Dannie stood beside me and peered down at Cameron's pink face. "Look at sleeping beauty, he needs a kiss to wake him up." I let out what was meant to be a laugh but sounded more like a choking animal. If only she knew that was what had knocked him out.

Dannie put her hands on her hips and looked at Luke and the other boy, who were now standing on the opposite side of the couch. "Neither of you happen to have any smelling salts, do you?"

The boy with the brown hair shook his head no, giving her a weird look. Luke, who's face was completely serious said, "No, I stopped carrying them after the last time."

"The last time?" The words burst through my lips before I had the chance to think about them. "This has happened before? What's wrong with him?" I had not made to make seem like he was damaged, like a cracked egg in an egg carton, but I couldn't think of a better way to say it.

"Nothing's really wrong, with him. He has some form of anxiety -- we think -- and you already know he's always stressed. It takes something major for him to faint though. It's usually surrounding his mom or school. The last time he fainted was freshman year, during finals. I remember once the teacher threatened to call his mom when we were in kindergarten. It was because he kept talking so loud with us. He started, like, bawling and would not stop. The teacher called his mom for that and he just fell over. He's such a good kid, it's comical." She laughed lightly, but I was trying to understand why Cameron seemed so scared of his mom, now and back then. She had seemed so nice when we had lunch together.

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