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Pen Your Pride

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At school.

The next day.

Princeton was alot more trouble. I walked to my locker. Prince was 6 lockers away. He looked at me. I saw him stiffen. I smiled and waved. Prince smiled back and started walking to me. I grabbed my stuff and walked away. He caught up with me. "Hey sexi." He said. I smirked and kept walking. "So um I heard that Prod cheated on you." He said. I stopped walking.

"How did you know that," I said. Prince rubbed his neck. "Um Drama news at this school goes by fast." He said. I rolled my eyes and started back walking. Princeton only like girls that doesn't chase them. He caught up with me and grabbed me by the waist. He turned me around. My face was to his neck. Wow Princeton is very tall. I looked up at him. Princeton smirked. "What Princeton." I said. Prince went to my ear. "I want me and you to go on a date tonight," He said. I rolled my eyes and walked away.

Princeton walked back with me. "Why not!" He said. I smirked. "I don't date freaky boys." I said. "Then you would have never not dated Roc!" Princeton said. I stopped walking he was rght. I turned to him. "Fine You wanna go out lets go out." I grabbed his hand and walked outside. "There it was nice walking with you." I said and walked to class.



I grabbed my lunch and walked to my table. "Whats up My bitches!" I said. Zoe laughed. "Nun much You Beoooocthhhh!" She said. I giggled and sat down. "Princeton wants me." I said. Zoe squealed. "Fo real You only Have him and Ray left.Your so gonna own them." I nodded in agreement. "Hell to tha yea!" I siad and gave her a high five.

Prince walked past me and slid a note under my right thigh. I jumped it was close to my butt. I pulled it out and looked at him. He smirked and winked at me. I pulled it out and read.

NOte says:

Date me you Tonight No excuses.

Your sexy Papi Princeton

End of note

I raised an eyebrow at him. He smiled and started speaking with his Buds. Zoe snatched the note from me. "Ooooh Princeton wants you.You want His Dick!" She sing to me. "YOu want his diiiiiiick You want the diccki you wanna rideeee him you wanna ride hiiiiiimmm. Get it girl!" She started pounding the table. Princeton and his friends was watching and listening to every word. I blushed and hit her. "Stop!"

A girls with carmel skin and brown walked to our table. "Hey um Can I sit with you." She said. She must have been new. I nodded. "Sure!" She sat. "Im stacy!" (MindlessBehaviorLov)

I smiled. "Well welcome to the group Biiiiiitch." She raised an eyebrow. "What your just playing right." I smirked. "Duh now give me some Dap Biiiiictttccccchhh" Stacy laughed and gave me a dap. Zoe smirked and started back sing again. "SHE WANTS SOME DICKI SHE WANT HIS DICK GET IT GIRL GET IT GIRL SHOWING WHAT YA WORKING IT GIRLLLLL! POP IT GIRL SHOW HOW YOU DO ITTT SHE WANNA RIDEEEEEEEE HIM SHE WANTS HIS DICKI SHE GETTING IT TONIGHT!-" I cut her off. I looked and saw Princeton smirking. "Easy chica!" I said. Zoe smirked. Cici (Stacy) and Zoe started singing the song. Cici already fit in my group perfectly. I rolled my eyes. "I do not want His dick It is wayyyy to smalll." I said. and folded my arms.

Princeton bended down to my level. "Nah shawty Im very huge just know that" He kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I blushed. Zoe and Cici song louder. I laughed. The principal was behind them. Cici looked up and stopped singing. Zoe song louder. "Ehmmmm Who wants the Dick Mrs. Sanda. Zoe stopped singing her face turned red. I laughed harder. "Yeah Zoe who wants the dick?" I said. Zoe glared at me. I bit into my Oreos.

"No one sir." She said. I laughed harder. The principal walked out the caferia. I smirked at Zoe. Cici started laughing. I laughed with her. "Hahahaha laugh it up Bitchesssss." Zoe said and rolled her eyes. Me and Cici stopped laughing and looked at eachother. "AHahahahahaha" We laughed so hard that Zne the nerd walked over.

"Hey Ladies whats so funny!" He said. Zoe eyes popped out her head. She jumped up and ran. "Nothing its nothing Zane." I said. Zane blushed and walked away. I shook my head and looked at Cici. "Lets go get her before she Runs into Mr.Smith agian." Cici nodded and walked down the hall with me.



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