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(Your pov)

We found Zoe rocking in a rocking chair sewing in Sowing Class. I started laughing. "What are you doing." Zoe stoop rocking and looked at me. "Nothing!!!" She stood up and threw the sewing stuff on the groound. "Alright then" I said.



I was at the park hanging with my hommies. I looked around and saw Zane. I walked to him "Hey Zane!" I said. Zane was working on his homework. Zane looked up. "Oh um Hi." He smiled. I sat by him. I looked and saw the girls looking at me like Wtf. I shook my head.

"Um why are you so nice to me?" Zane asked. I smiled and looked in his eyes. "I know how it feels I used to be a nerd." I said. Zane smiled. "Oh well thanks for treating me like everyone else."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever just be happy your not on my hit list." I said. Zane nodded. "Yeah Im most deff happy that a girl thats shorter then me Having me on her "Hit list"." Zane said and while using air quotes around Hit list. I rolled my eyes and punched him softly. Zane laughed and stood up.

I winked playfully and walked back to my group. "Nigga have you lost yo mind!" Zoe said. I rolled my eyes and sat on the blanket. "Nope my mind is perfectly correct." Cici eyes widen. "Um guys skank alert!" She said. Me,Zoe and Cici growled at what we saw. Britney and Michele glared at us. We stood up and walked to where they was walking to.

I saw Michele stand infront of Prince. Oh helll no I shoved her out the way and sat on Prince's lap. Ray glared at Prince. Prince glared back. Roc was glaring at Britney because she was sitting on his lap and he hated her guts. And Prod was fighting Michele off his lap. She just wouldn't get off him.

I saw Cici on Jacob's lap. He sooo has a crush on her. But she don't like him like dat. I think? I turned

my head and saw Zoe with her boyfriend Don'ey. They made a cute couple. Even though Don'ey is a dumb ass cheater. I looked down at Prince. Wait why was they here. "Hey um when was yall here?" I asked.

Princeton smirked. "We drove duhh." I rolled my eyes and stood up. "Why did I even bother." I grabbed Cici and Zoe. We walked to the icecream truck.

When we walked back to our hang out spot. Princeton walked up to us and sat by me along with the rest. "Can I have some." He asked, he used his baby voice. I rolled my eyes and gave the cup to him. He smiled huge and ate with the spoon. -_______-



I was at my house curling up my hair. I pulled up my shirt and my Hoodie. My belly button ring was much more cuter. I finished with my hair. I heard the doorbell ring. I smiled and ran down the stairs. I opened the door and saw Princeton. I smiled showing my pearly whites.

(Your outfit:

Prince looked me up and down. "Wow." He said. I blushed and bit my lip. Prince grabbed my hand and pulled me to the car. We got in and the radio was blasting inside. I smiled my favorite song was on Always on time. The most sweetest song to me. Princeton started singing to me. "Girl Im always on time,So be minee" He pulled my chin up and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"Will you be mine." He asked. I blushed and nodded. "Yes I will." I planted a juicy kiss on his lips. Princeton must have really injoyed it because he pulled me on his lap and kissed me harder. I pulled him by his puff. Wow he spends alot of time with this thing. I started laughing. Princeton pulled away. "What?" He said while kissing me on my neck. I laughed harder. Princeton stopped kissing my neck and stared at me.

"You need a hair cut!" I said. I laughed harder. Prince smirked. "I can't it'll grow back Im latino you know." He said. I blushed and sat up. I wiggled my hand through his hair. "Well then you spend a lot of time "Puffing it". I used air qoutes around Puffing it. Princeton smirked.

"It helps with the ladies,they would have some to pull on when I go deep." He said. Princeton looked at my shorts. I could tell he desired me. I smirked and waved my hand in his face. "We should goooo." I said. Prince snapped out of it and started the car.



We was at Al's. Me and Princeton was sharing a smoothie. Well I was eating it first then Princeton ate up his and started eating mines. -____-

"Jacob your lying!" I said. Prince ran his hand through his hair. "I don't lie when its important." He said. I raised my eyebrow. "Oh really then if not how come you lied to Becky about going to chruch instead of her date?" I asked. Princeton gasped.

"How did you know that?" He asked. I laughed. "I have ears like an Eagle." I said. Prince smiled and started back drinking my smoothie. I snatched my smoothie away and started siping on it. Prince did a dramactic sigh. "Pleasseeeeeee!" He said. I rolled my eyes. "Fine Jacob." I scooted over so he could sit on my side.

When we finished we went to the Park. Prince and I was siting on the bench. He held my hand and smiled huge. I smiled back. Prince put his arm around me. I leaned to his face. I planted a sweet kiss on his soft lips. He kissed me back happily. I smiled in the kiss. Our date was perfect. I'm really falling for him. Well I was falling for all of them. But They are head over hills for me! I smiled and pulled away.

"I love you." Princeton said. I smiled and spoked. "I love you too." Perfect 3 down 1 to go. And Ray was the sweetest one there. I smirked at Princeton and held his hand tighter.



Its been six months the Prom was coming up. And since it we was all in the 11 grade Every thing was going perfect.

I woked up and smiled. Me and Princeton was most deff inlove with each other. But I have to finish a task. I frowned and looked down. I saw the ring Princeton bought me. He was sweet to me every single day. I remember our steamy make out sessions. How much Princeton wanted to have sex with me but i wasn't gonna do it. He waited for me. I got up and walked to the bathroom.

(Your outfit:

I ran downstairs and walked out the house. I jumped on my motorcycle and vomed to the school. When I made it everyone was waving at me. What the fuck? I walked inside and saw Princeton smiling huge at Michele. THIS BITCH BOUT TO GET HER ASS WHOOPED! I stormed to Michele and punched her in the face. "Back the fuck away from my boyfriend bitch!" (I atually did that then I dumed his ass -___-)

Michele layed on the ground knocked out. I looked Princeton up and down. "We are sooo done bitch" I started walking away. Princeton grabbed my hand. "Wait what do you mean we ova." He said. I smirked. "Princeton Im breakin up with you." I snatched my hand away and walked out.

Tha hater stepped in my face and she got her ass knocked da fuck out! :)



I was at the park with the girls again. "Hey yo what the hell is that a chi-waa-waa fucking a German shepard!" I said and pointed. The girls looked at what I was looking at. Their mouth hit the ground. That damn small ass dog is fucking the fuck out of the big ass dog!


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