The hottie next door *A MindlessBehavior love story-Starring You* (Complete)

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NiyaTheCreator By JeniyaEdwards Completed
(Your name) was the nerd back home. But when she had her last day with her bestie,Ny. Ny gave her a whole new look and a diffrent Swagger. When (Your name) Saw it, She knew what She was gonna do. She wanted to break all of the Bad boys heart and Rule them. When she moved to LA and saw Those four boys,Princeton,Prodigy,Roc Royal,And Ray Ray,The bad boys of the school and Others. She knew exactly what to do,But what happens when They all fall for her and she still think its a game and their joking. What will happen then???
i don't like her attitude . Why change who she is , i mean she could change her swagg but at least not her nerdyness  i  mean i have it in me but i am not afraid to show it off
Why did you stop it ? The story is really good just write more
Still love ya stories girly they all either on my libary or I'm finnished reading them lol
LOVE everything about this story. You have to give me  some pointers.
hey your fashion sense is alot like mine the outfits were hella swagged and for that to be a 360 of a nerd wow chica <3
Are you gonna continue updating this one ?! It's the best mb story ive read in 2 years! Like you deserve over 1 million views no joke !