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Roc grabbed my hand and pulled me in a random room. "What the hell do you think your doing." He said. Roc was beyond pissed. His eyes was black. What happened to his pretty brown eyes. I looked away. I spoke the truth. "Your a player." I said. Roc raised an eyebrow.

"What?" He said. I rolled me eyes and snatched my hand away. "YOUR A FUCKING PLAYER! I CANT TRUST SOMEONE LIKE YOU TREY." I yelled and folded my arms. Roc looked at me with a hurt expression. I wanted to hug him and tell him everything. But I couldn't do that. He had to learn his lesson. "That was the past I'm not like that anymore.I changed so much. I changed for you." He said. His voice was sincere. I sighed. I couldn't argue with him. I started to walk away. Roc grabbed me and pinned me on the wall.

"I love you to much for this." He said. I opened my mouth to object,but Roc's lips was smashed into mines. I pulled away and pushed him off. Roc touch his face where I slapped him at. I teared up and walked out making my way to class.



I got another text message from Roc. I ignored it and kept watching 106 & park. The clock striked 5:00. My date with Prod was at 8:00. I sighed. The hours past by slow. I started to walk around the house. I stopped walking when I saw a guiter. The red stripes on it. It was all black. I picked it up and played a few notes. When I got the hang of it I started singing to a song that went with the notes.

(The song:

I stopped playing when I heard clapping. I turned and saw Mom. She had a smile on her face. "You sing just like grandma.Her angel voice. You have some amazing talent baby girl." Mom walked to me and held my face with her soft hands. "You play from the heart. Just like Grandma.Don't stop playing keep going.Let your talent shine." She kissed me on the forehead and walked out. I smiled and started playing again.

My watch started beeping. I stopped playing and looked at it. 7:00. "Shit!" I ran upstairs with the guiter in my hands. I ran in the bathroom and got ready.

(Your outfit:

I looked at the time. 7:56. I ran downstairs. I sat on the couch and waited. I turned the Tv on and watched it. Elmo was on! I giggled and song along. Seconds passed,Those seconds turned to minutes. I glanced at the clock. 8:23. He was late. I sunk in my seat. Another pare of minutes passed. I glaned at the clock. 8:39. Oh he is SO dead when he gets here.

Elmo went off. I looked at the clock. 8:50. That was it. I went out the house and jumped n my car. I droved two houses to Prod's. I looked in the window and saw him kissing Michele. I gasped. My eyes started to water up. I went to the door and started pounding it. Ray opened the door. He raised an eyebrow. "Hi you look very hot but why are you wearing a dress for?" He said. I rolled my eyes and walked in. Prod looked up. His eyes widen when he saw me. I glared at him and Michele. He missed our date for her!

The tears disappeared. Hurt changed to Pissed. My eyes made me looked like I wanted to slap him. Prince ran downstairs. His eyes light up when he saw me. I rolled my eyes again and started to leave. "Wait!" Prod grabbed my hand. I snatched it away like it was poison. "Don't ever talk to me or ever call me." I said and walked out. Ray ran after me. I threw off my hills and held them. He messed with the wrong girl.

I ran to my car and jumped in. Before I could drive off and go somewhere. Ray caught the door. "Stop (Your name) Don't do anything stupid right now!" He said. His eyes were in panic mode. I closed the door. "Yeah sure" I said and droved off.

I didn't know where I was driving I didn't care. I drove faster. I needed my motorcycle. My eyes were watering up. I wiped them while sniffing. I looked at the review mirror and saw someone following me. I drove faster. The person behind me caught up with me. I opened my draw and pulled out my pepper spray.

My hands tightened on the stering wheel. I clenched my Jaw. I pulled over in the woods. The person did the same. I stepped out the jeep. He did to. I couldn't believe who I saw. Prodigy. Prod ran to me. I stayed there. He hugged me. I didn't moved. I stood there like a statue. He pulled away. "Im sorry please forgive me." He said. I looked him up and down. His shirt was messy,His lips had lip gloss on it. And his pants was sagging lower then usual. I gasped. He was about to have sex. I grabbed my hils.I stormed to his car and sat in it while slamming the door.

Prod stood there for a second. Then he walked to the car. When he got in it started raining. I didn't look at him at all. For one reason,He rather have sex with a whore then date me. A girl who was trying to help him learn all his mistakes. Prod looked at me. "(Your name)." He said. I ignored him. He sighed and spoke. "Can you say somethng." He said. I yelled. "Fine how about Your a cold heartless bastard and Your making me hate your guts!" Prod looked at me shocked.

I rolled my eyes. Prod grabbed my face and pulled me to him. "(Your name) Im sorry okay.She kissed me.She made the first move." He said. "Im really sorry." He kissed me. I didn't kiss back. He sighed and pulled away. "Please stop being stubborn." He said, and kissed me again. I kissed back so he could kissing me.

Prod pulled away and smiled. "There isn't there better." He crunked the car up and droved to Al's. When we made it he got out and opened my car door. I looked him up and down and walked to the place. Prod caught up with me and opened the door again. I rolled my eyes and walked to a table. Prod sighed and explained the entire thing.

When he finished I understood then. I smiled and drunk some of my Strawberry Shake. We talked and talked. I finally let him off the hook.



I woked up from the alarm clock hitting. Ugh another day at school. I stood up and went to the bathroom and got ready.

(Your outfit:

I walked downstairs and saw Jacob and the guys. Prod turned to me and grabbed me a bear hug. Wow he works out alot. I Pecked him on the lips. Prod seemed to want more and made the peck a make out session. I pulled away and smirked.

Prod pulled me by the waist. I Looked up at him. He smiled. "Come on my love." He said. I giggled. "My love?" I asked. "I do love you." He said and started walking us to my car. Wait did he just say those three words. I smirked. "Can you say that agian." I said. Prod stopped and raised his eyebrow, "Im hungry.Why" He said. I shook my head. "Before that." Prod blushed. "I love you" He said. I smiled and kissed him. 2 down 2 more bitches to go.



It been three months with me and Prod. I atually like him. I was in my car driving to the gym. I had cheer practice. When I made it. The girls looked at me with sadness. "Whats wrong guys?" I said and sat by them.

Zoe spoke. "Prodigy is cheating on you." She showed me a video of Prod and Michele having sex. "Its happening now in his car." Anger filled in me. That son of a bitch. I stormed outside and saw Prod's car. I ran to it and opened the door. Prod pulled his pants back on.

"You son of a bitch!" I said well mostly screamed. I grabbed Michele and started dragging her to the fountain. I threw her in and started choking her. My hair and outfit was wet but I didn't care. Prod pulled me off her. "We are over Prod!" I said. Prod eyes filled up. "What?" He said.

I glared at him. "Don't give me them puppy eyes Craig we are over!" I stormed to my car and droved off. I didn't care if I broke his heart atleast I dumped him first. His mistake made me even more determine to break their hearts. My next target better bring it. Princeton.


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