The hottie next door (A MindlessBehavior love story Starring You)

Your pov

I walked to Ny's house. I had to tell her the bad news. I knocked on the door. It was Time. Ny opened the door.

"I'm moving!" I said. Ny teared up and pulled me in her house. "What do you mean your moving!" She said. I took a huge gap of breath and told the entire story. "My mom found a new boyfriend Two years ago.She been dating him and he proposed.She said yes.I have a new stepbrother who is a jack-ass and he said something about having Four bestfriends that was his bros or something.But I didn't pay attention.Mymom told me this today! And now Im telling you.Im so sorry." I said and broke into tears.

Ny pulled me in a hug. "Its ight girl but there is something we need to do." She pulled away from the hug and smirked. I looked at her with Confusion. She rolled her eyes and turned me to the mirror.

"If you move your not gonna be that quiet little nerd.Your gonna be something better.Hotter,Cooler." That was the last time I saw nerdy me ever again...........

A few hours later Ny was done. "There finished!" She said and turned me around facing the mirror. I gasped. I looked diffrent. "And your not even wearing Makeup!" Ny yelled happily. I smiled and gave her a huge hug. I was no longer a nerd. I was a bad ass Girl that WAS a nerd. I was knew (Your name) Latimore. Oh that reminds me.

"Um Ny Did I tell you that in moving to LA." I said and looked at her. Ny's eyes went widen. She looked liked the joker. I tried not to laugh. It looked like her face hurted from smiling so hard. All of her teeth was showing. Even the ones in the back. Wow she has alot of teeth.

"We have Major shopping to do for you!!! LA Has alot of swagg and you need it bad." She said. I rolled my eyes. Ny pulled me out the house and jumped on her motorcycle. "Hurry up and get on." She said.

"Um can I drive it?" I said hoping she would say yes. Ny smiled and nodded. I jumped and sat infront of her and crunked the motorcycle. It growled loud. I smiled and stomped the gas. We went flying to the mall.

When we made it to the mall. We bought hundreds of stuff. Lots of boys was drooling over me. I rolled my eyes and played the bad chick I had to be. There was one thing I was gonna rule. They was gonna be the Bad boys/Players. Ima make them crave me. I smirked at the idea of those boys that picked on me all these years. Why not show all those bad boys/Players who the new (Your name) Is.

When went back to the house. I drove the motorcycle. We was at my house. "Okay so we need to work on your bad girl walk and attitude." Ny said. Ny pulled out a piece of gum and ate it and started throwing her hips side to side with one hand one her hip. She turned and swung her hair to the side. I smiled and did the same but better.

Ny smiled hard. "Okay we got that.Now lets do the attitude." She walked to me with a rude look and rolled her eyes. "Who the fuck do you think you talking to." She said and rolled her neck. I smirked and rolled my eyes and spoked. "Bitch Who you talking to. Cause it betta not be me Hoe!" I said and looked at Ny in disgust.

"Woah okay now calm the fuck down girl." Ny said while laughing. i laughed with her. We went over some other stuff. "Okay this is the last thing you need to know.Hang with your self no one else. Got it." Ny said. I nodded. I hugged her.

Ny's phone started ringing. She answered it and frowned when she hung up. "I have to go now." She said.

"Wait I want one pic with us so I can have it with me." I said and smiled. Ny nodded. We took six pictures. I gave her three and kept the others. We gave eachother our last hug. Ny left.

A few hours later I was done packing up everything. I smelled dinner. I ran downstairs and saw Jacob My stepbrother and my new dad. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a plate. When Jacob saw my new look he started choking on the Food mom made. I smirked and spoke. "Take a picture it'll last longer Brother." I grabbed my plate of spegetti and sat by Him. Mom came into the room and looked at me. Her eyes widen in surpise. I smiled.

"I'm starting over since Im moving." I said. Mom nodded in agreement and grabbed her a plate. My new dad was already there. After dinner I went to my room and called Ny with my new IPhone. She answered. I told her everything.When I got off I changed into my Pj's and went to sleep....

When I woked up and got ready.

(Your outfit:

When I finished with everything I went downstairs to leave with my bags. Everyone was already there. When Jacob saw me,His eyes went wide. I rolled my eyes and started doing my bad girl walk.

When we boarded the plane. I had to sit by Jacob. I sat down and smacked on my gum. Jacob stared at me the whole time. I rolled my eyes and looked at him. "What!" I said with the attiude Ny showed me.

"What happened to you when you was wearing glasses and braces." He said. I smirked. I turned my full body to him. "Im a good thang gone bad." I said and turned around and listen to my Ipod.

When we made it to LA. Mom had told us somethig bad. "Guys we're dropping yall off at school now." She said.

"WHAT!!!" Me and Jacob said. Mom and My new dad smiled at us and drove faster. When we made it,It was 8:30 A.M. We wasn't late for school. Damn It!! I thought. "Mom please don't let us go. I don't even have my car to be leaving in." I said. Mom handed me my keys to my new car.

"You have a motorcycle.It's in the trunk." She said. I looked in the trunk and saw Two black motorcycles. I smiled huge.

"Oh Omy god I love you Mom and dad!!!!" I said. Jacob joined me in yelling outload. Both of our parents laughed. Maybe that was why they were smiling so hard. Hmmmm Well then.

The car pulled up to a big school. It said Welcome to Panthers High. I smiled huge and jumped out. I opened the trunk of the car and pulled out my motorcycle. I wiped its handle bar and kissed it. Jacob had his right by him too. We both smiled.

Our parents pulled off While saying bye. I turned to Jacob. "Ready dummy." I said. Jacob smirked and nodded. We walked into the school.

Everyone eyes were on ours. I rolled mines and did my Bad Girl walk. Some boys was whisling at me,The girls were drooling over my bro. And the haters was Hating. We went to get our scudele and locker comb.

"You four are in some Major trouble!" The principle yelled at some four boys. They had huge smirks on their face. I smirked I finally found some Bad boys to rule.

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