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Grayson pov

I added Kylie on snap chat. Just to see what she does. She's extremely beautiful and entertaining. I don't think she added me back yet. Her snap chat score is 23,679, that's a lot.


Damn,she's so cute what the hell!

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Damn,she's so cute what the hell!

Grayson(aka my dumbass):you're pretty cute bb KY

Kylie:barely noticed,lmao I'm kidding not really tho that's the first good slefie I ever took.

Grayson:not true

Kylie:yes very true b

Grayson:send me a picture

Kylie:no u hoe

Grayson:fine then; ( I'll send you a picture

Kylie:better not be a dick pic or I'm for sure blocking your ass

Grayson:I'm not a nude guy ;)

Grayson:not bout that life

Kylie:k hurry up

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