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*new message from unknow number*

:Hey bbg

Kylie:who the hell are you,new phone who dis? But I'm sure as hell not your bbg

:you're new daddy

Kylie:lmao sure whatevea can you hop off my messages well appreciated I can't talk with someone who won't identify themselves l8rs!

:Fine then!

Kylie:bro,come on I don't have all day!

:they call me.

Kylie:I'm on the verge of blocking your ass

:Grayson,they call me Grayson.

Kylie: I don't think they call you that I believe you're mother named you that

Grayson:whatever,what's your name?

Kylie:they call me...

Grayson: are you serious?

Kylie:....they call me

Grayson:Oh my fucking gosh

Kylie:they call me..  I don't got time for this bullshit so l8rs


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