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*1 week passed*


Kylie:WTF do you want now

Grayson:gosh I totally enjoy these rude comments Kylie

Kylie:messages* I'm not commenting on none of you're shit

Grayson:give me your gram


Grayson: please


Grayson: okay mines @graysondolan

Kylie:I didn't ask. I'm kidding I was gonna ask you thanks for saving me time

Grayson:you're private

Kylie:you're famous

Grayson:a bit not that much

Kylie: okay lmao that doesn't change the fact that I still dislike you

Grayson:I knew it wouldn't

Grayson:6,890 followers?!. Wth are you popular or some shit

Kylie:well known;)

Kylie:1 million wth are you popular or some shit

Grayson:'well known;)'

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