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Kylie:I'm here


Kylie:omfg you know what let's just not meet up I'm not in the mood to meet up with fucking cuntbags

Grayson:why are you like this?

Kylie:like what bro i was so excited to finally meet the kid who has had me going crazy for the past 4 weeks, to meet the kid who gave me butterflies everytime his name popped up,the boy that could make me smile with a simple 'hey kylie'. Listen Grayson I'm not the type of person to just spill their feelings out let alone to someone I've never really meet in person, but I feel something different for you Grayson and if this is the attitude you have than I don't think it would be that great to meet up. I just thought it would be nice to meet up with someone I've grown to love more than myself in only 4 weeks. It's all you Grayson I'll be waiting here no matter what:) because I do actually wanna meet some crazy ass boy who texted me 4 weeks ago and how's now entered my heart.

Grayson Pov

Oh shit. Kylie just sent me a paragraph. I don't know it made me mad to know that I was so excited to meet kylie the girl that I pretty much love although it's only been 4 weeks and she decides to bring some boy to our meet up. Although she was joking it seemed kinda heartless. I started reading through the text carefully. Oh shit. "The boy that could make me smile with a simple 'Hey Kylie' " I read out loud making Ethan draft his attention towards me. "What?" He asked. "Nothing, all I know is that I just fucked up with the most amazing girl I know" I told Ethan throwing my phone and dropping my head into my hands.

"Let me see" Ethan said picking up my phone and reading the previous texts messages. "DUDE WHAT THE FUCK RESPOND SHE JUST SENT YOU HOW SHE TRULY FEELS AND YOU'RE GONNA SIT AROUND AND JUST REGRET THINGS AND WANNA CRY NO FUCKING RESPOND" Ethan yelled walking over to me. He grabbed my hand and gently placed my phone in it. "Listen Gray I don't know kylie but she seems like one of the realist girls out there and If you let her go because of one simple text you are truly an idiot" Ethan told me sitting down next to me.

"No I don't need to respond" I told Ethan. "Grayson dude you're my brother and I love you but you're a complete idiot and asshole" Ethan told me slapping my back. "I'm not gonna respond because I'm gonna go look for her"

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