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     There will be times in your life when you will face absolutely dismal choices. In these times you will have to choose the lesser of two evils because there is no good choice. You may try to put off you decision, you may even try to find a way to avoid the decision, but ultimately, you have to choose. That's where I was right now, stuck between two evils. I knew that I needed to stop Zeus, but I couldn't do it without one of his own. Forming an alliance with Hephaestus was the only choice that had me choosing the lesser of two evils. I could deal with the lame jinni later, but first I had to stage an uprising.

"What's your proposal, Heretic?" Hephaestus asked before returning to his smithing. 

"I will seat you on Zeus's throne," I began and watched as the lame jinni turned to look at me in thought.

"I expected heresy, but not this. I will not be a part of mutiny," Hephaestus shook his head before pointing another weapon at me. 

"I am giving you dignity. I recognize your talents and you know Zeus does not. Why be a slave when you can be king? Without you, Zeus is nothing,"  I egged on. 

"You're playing with fire, boy. You'll get burned," Hephaestus growled. 

"Look around you, Hephaestus. We've been burning for centuries and what has become of it? I've burned yet, I'm still here. I refuse to bow to Zeus when I know I am just like him," I insisted.

"He is a god, boy. You know not what you say," Hephaestus frowned.  

     "Perhaps Ares is right treating you the way he does. Continue being his dog. Continue having an unfaithful wife," I smirked.

"What did you say?!" Hephaestus growled before throwing a spear towards me. 

"Did I touch a nerve?" I chuckled.  "That's strange. Here I was thinking that you were everyone's servant."

"What the hell do you know about me? What the hell do you know about my wife?" Hephaestus growled before hobbling over and poking my chest. 

     "I know who she's with right now and let me tell you, it's not a god," I whispered while adding emphasis to the word "god." I knew this was a low blow, but I needed to break the jinni in front of me. I needed to wound his pride and I could see that I was close in accomplishing my goal. 

"Tell me where she is!" Hephaestus demanded. 

"Figure it out," I chuckled before leaving the cave. I needed him to doubt everything he had built. I needed him to wallow in self-pity, but most of all I needed him to revolt. 

"You," A new voice called out from the mouth of the cave. The voice belonged to a jinni that had a wild look to him. His fire looked to be raging uncontrollably, but I knew better. This was simply an act by the jinni to seem threatening.  He gave me the once over and then launched himself at me.

     I deflected his initial blow which landed against the cave's rock wall. A scorched indent was left behind as the jinni pulled his arm back for another blow. Who was this wild being and why was he attacking me? I deflected blow after blow and waited for an opening before landing a punch against the jinni's face. The jinni reeled and looked at me in surprise before glancing at Hephaestus who now stood behind me.

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