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I've been alive for thousands of years and yet, I wonder how our Creator deals with being infinite. I have watched over humans, noticing their resilient approach to life and I realize that I am tired of this prolonged existence. I should have burned out many centuries ago, but I'm still here. Even now, knowing that I am very close to my own extinguishment, I can't help but ask for it to be over. I'm sure you're wondering how I came to the point of being an old, rambling jinni. All in due time, young ones. All in due time.

Ityan was bound by shackles as he was led to Judgement Hill. Dousings were always conducted in an open space so the chemicals didn't affect the rest of the community. Enclosed spaces could only lead to unexpected accidents. As Ityan was hauled through the community to Judgment Hill, I noticed that Zeus was nowhere to be seen. In fact, many of Zeus's friends were missing. I didn't think much of it, especially since Zeus had vehemently disapproved of the execution. It only made sense that he would avoid seeing his friend's execution.

Cronos fastened Ityan's shackles to two posts once they arrived on Judgement Hill. Ityan's legs were buckled down to a shallow groove on the ground, causing the young jinni to kneel with his arms extended on either side of him. He looked up in defiance at the executioner as the dousing chemicals were brought out. Ityan snarled at the executioner and whispered,

"My death will change our worlds. You have no idea what you are walking into. These humans, they will see that we are gods. They will bow in front of us and beg US for mercy. THAT is the power of the jinn."

"You are no god, Ityan. Gods do not die. You will," Cronos whispered and gave a nod to the executioner.

Ityan was blindfolded and hung his head, awaiting the imminent arrival of the dousing chemicals. His body tensed as the executioner approached him, but he showed no other emotion. Cronos read out his crimes before backing away from the execution pit. I felt my own heart race at the process in front of me. I held my breath, clutching my mother's hand as the chemicals fell from a prepared pouring machine. It was as if time had stopped. The chemicals made a perfect arc in the air before landing on Ityan's shoulders. His scream was bloodcurdling, a scream I will never forget. Ityan burned brightly like a thousand suns. The very fiber of his being was breaking down in front of us.

I averted my eyes, no longer able to see Ityan's burning body. The Creator must have been watching over me, for when I shifted and turned my head, a bright white bolt of light whizzed mere millimeters away from be. Lightning? I thought and felt my eyes widen in surprise once I realized what was happening. As the lightning struck the executioner, Zeus flew in at the speed of light. One second he was behind me, the next he had my father by his throat. There was a hatred in Zeus's eyes. A hatred that frightened me to the core.

It was chaos. The jinn from our community cried and scattered away from the violence that had erupted in front of us. Rogue jinn poured onto Judgement Hill and began massacring the Council. Mars, a violent jinni from a rival community grabbed an Elder by the neck. He swung a blade in a swift motion, effectively beheading the Elder, Ulrum. Hera flew in from the south with another jinni, Poseidon, in tow. Poseidon used his abilities to manipulate water to fashion a shield to stop the dousing process. He poured it on Ityan as Zeus roared,

"You would kill one of your own for a HUMAN?!"

Zeus turned his attention to his friend and fell to his knees as he look at what remained of Ityan. He resembled the human equivalent of a body covered with 3rd degree burns. Ityan looked nothing like himself. He shivered and let out guttural moans of pain as he looked at Zeus.

"Ityan," Zeus whispered and touched Ityan's raw hand.

"You're too late, Z-Zeus. I-I-I-," Ityan barely managed.

"We can heal you. You can live!" Zeus yelled at his friend.

Ityan grabbed Zeus's hand and whispered,

"End this for me. Don't let me suffer. Just promise me one thing. Destroy all who did this to me," Ityan wheezed.

"I promise, my brother. I'll kill them all," Zeus murmured before motioning for Mars to end Ityan's misery.

With that, Zeus turned his attention to our father. He picked up the dousing chemicals and headed towards Cronos. Our father. How could Zeus betray our father? These were the thoughts in my head as I ran at full speed towards Cronos. Zeus raised the dousing chemicals and swung them over his head before forcefully tossing them at the head of our family.

"Father!" I yelled before diving in between the putrid dousing concoction and my father.

Death would have been better, I admit. The combination of the chemicals tearing me apart at a molecular level and the speed at which I was aging was horrific. I didn't scream. I didn't make a sound. Instead I collapsed onto the ground as my life essence burned. I could hear my mother's screams of horror as well as my father's cries of anguish.

"D-Do something! He's my brother!" Zeus yelled at Poseidon.

"Then a fitting retribution," Hera whispered before turning away.

The rogues left me, burning on the ground, my parents weeping over me. The last thing I remembered was watching my brother weep as he fell to his knees and moaned,

"No. Not you, Zrous. Not you."

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