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     The stories of Jibril or Gabriel are as old as modern man. Humans have attributed nearly a thousand stories to him, some now lost to time and most with a fraction of truth to them. The running theme is the same when discussing him, that he brought messages to this world from our Creator. Humans gave him physical attributes that are synonymous with forms that they can understand. You can't blame the humans for this because they can only see Jibril when he is in a form that humans can understand. In many cases, even with Jibril in human form, human messengers often fainted after an encounter with him. 

     That is because he was made from a light that many of us cannot comprehend. In fact, even after seeing Jibril in his natural form, I couldn't comprehend what I saw. His light was brighter than anything I had ever seen, a raw form of energy. He moved so fast, that time seemed to have stopped for the rest of the world while he carried out our Creator's will. Jibril had been over my head one instant and gone the next. I felt my flame fluctuate by merely being in the same vicinity of Jibril and in turn, I fell to the ground. 

"Zrous!" Hazia called out in concern before shaking me. "What happened? Are you alright? Your fire-."

"I'm okay. I-," I murmured and tried stabilizing myself on my feet. I couldn't find my footing and collapsed on the ground again. I was purposely given permission by our Creator to be shown Jibril's true form. If this was how my very being affected by Jibril's light, i couldn't even fathom how quickly I would dissipate if I ever saw my Creator. Hazia now helped me to my feet while I remained lost in thought. 

"Zrous," Hazia called out before lightly patting my face. 

"Sorry, I-. Something happened," I whispered and looked towards the horizon where Jibril's light had headed. "What's located there? Past the hills?" 

"A human colony. They're followers of Ares," Hazia began, but paused. "What are you thinking? Are you ill, Zrous?"

"No, but I must see these humans. There is something special about them, I don't know what. Who is the fastest in your village?" I asked quickly. 

"Denit, of course," Hazia answered. 

"I need Denit to take me to that colony," I began, but paused. I sounded like my brother, giving commands to Hazia just as he gave commands to Hera. The last thing i wanted to do was emulate my brother. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like I'm giving you an order. Could I talk to Denit? Ask him if he'd take me there?" 

"Zrous, you're acting erratic. Is everything okay?" Hazia asked softly. 

I smirked before shaking my head. I was in a world where my brother was committing the highest form of blasphemy in our jinn society, shirk. My own sibling was encouraging humans and jinn alike to worship idols and jinn. There was no recovery from this sin, no forgiveness. I knew that my brother had damned his own children to an eternity with Iblis and at that moment, there was nothing I could do about it. 

"I'm not okay, Hazia. I need to stop the Olympians and something tells me that I need to get to that colony in order to do so," I explained. Hazia studied me for a moment before nodding. She headed back to the cave and returned a few minutes later with Denit in tow.

"You want me to take you to a human colony? I'm your vessel now? Rent a human ship if you love the humans so much," Denit asked with a scoff. "You're a mighty one with a special flame. Why can't you go by yourself?"

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