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     If there is one thing that I have learned throughout my years of life, it is that I am very impulsive when I'm angry. I wasn't always like this, but you do tend to change when you're burned alive by those who were supposed to be on your side. There are quite a few distinct moments in my life that I have felt rage that almost led to violence. The day of the Messenger's murder was one of those days.

There was a raw fury burning inside me, something I had never experienced before. As the executioner cheered, I realized that I wanted to hurt him. I wanted the man to pay for the crime of taking another's life. When the executioner cut down the Messenger's body from the stake and unceremoniously tossed it off the altar, I felt the need to make him feel just as insignificant.

"The heretic is no more!" The executioner cheered along with the crowd. 

"Ares will be proud!" A woman exclaimed from the crowd which furthered the celebrations. 

I took a step back, away from the crowd. I had learned that rushing into things, especially when I was outnumbered, brought no good. I may have been dazed, but I still  knew that what had happened was nothing short of evil. 

"Zrous! What happened? I heard cheers. A-are you okay?" Denit asked once I stumbled back into the forested area. 

"They killed a man," I whispered softly, as if barely understanding what had happened myself. 

"Of course they did. Of course they would. They're followers of Ares. They wish nothing but destruction," Denit frowned. 

"We have to bury that man," I decided and looked back towards the village. 

"Are you insane? What do you think they'll do to you if they see you burying someone they killed?" Denit asked in disbelief.

"I did NOTHING when Ares murdered the village I was in before. I did NOTHING when I was taken by the Olympians. They had swords, I should have at least ended one of them!" I cried out in frustration.

"I did nothing when Zeus killed my father, Zrous. I was young, but I should have done something. I thought that way for years. If I had done something, Zeus would have killed me as well. I didn't do anything back then because my Creator wanted me to be around for my mother and now YOU. We need to see past our impulses, at least that's what I've learned," Denit countered. 

     I looked at the young jinni and could see nothing but frustration on his face. He was much younger than me, but already wise beyond his years. That was something I'm sure Zeus had never accounted for, that a new generation of jinni would be born that was wise and would eventually take down his throne of lies. Still, I had to do something for the messenger. No one deserved to die and be discarded like that. 

"Denit, you're fast," I began. 

"Yeah, I am. I feel like you're about to suggest something totally uncalled for. Aren't you?" Denit growled and hopped in place to vent his frustration. "I'm not doing it." 

"Denit, they won't even know what happened. We can make a difference. We can show that there are those of us that are different than Zeus," I pleaded. 

The young jinni frowned again and paced before groaning in exasperation, as if fighting an internal war. He looked at me and muttered to himself before turning abruptly and saying, 

I am JinnDonde viven las historias. Descúbrelo ahora