Maria's pov

i woke up that morning gasping for air., i looked down saw no blood on me. i had a strange nightmare that some demon was killing me. I'm glad i don't wake up Zak i don't want him to worry about about me to much , like what happened yesterday. i had my hands on my head for a while. i got up from the bed and to my bag. i puted out some jeans and a tank top , i walked to the bathroom mirror i did my hair.  i didn't Zak want to wake up at this time it was 6:00 am and i couldn't go back to sleep so i wanted to go to Starbucks to get me and Zak a coffee. i left Zak a note saying where i went on my side of the bed. when i left my room i saw Aaron coming out of his and Sara's room.

" hey maria why are you up this early " walks up to me

" same for u Aaron i am going to Starbucks want to came"

" sure i love Starbucks i was going there nowhere Sara wanted me to her a coffee." walks with maria to the elevator

" so when are you and Sara going to have your wedding and where "

" we want to have it in nevada in 3 months from now " smiles

Aaron and Sara dated for 5 years in high school and one year in middle school. before he left with Zak and nick to go to college in Nevada he asked Sara to married him when he gets back. Aaron was like other big brother to me. in high school he would help me with my homework, i was the lead in the plays i had little time to do homework. we talked for hours at Starbucks, he told me what Nevada was like seen i will live there with the best boyfriend ever. i looked at my phone , it was 8am and our airport leaves at 10 to go to wastington.

we got all of our bags and luggue into the van, we were on our way to the airport. i guess i had fallen asleep  on the way there cuz when i woke up i was sleeping on zaks shoulder

" mm zak " geting up from her seat and seats on zaks lap" where are we zak " said maria and yawns

" oh we have to more hours to wastigton dc you can go back to sleep if you want" reads a book and puts his hand around marias shoulder

" no i going to stay up with u zak can i go on your laptop zak " puppy dog face  look

" sure your so cute when you do your puppy dog face " kisses maria forehead

to be contuied

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