maria pov

the next day

i woke up to the wind coming though my hair in the window, i could see Zak sleeping next to me. he looked so cute when he is sleeping.  my heart beating so hard why it like i know him . my eyes slowly moved over his feet, he was wearing expensive - looking sneakers , his gac shirt and jeans. i shook my head and looked out my window. we were driveing to poveglia island for our lockdown.

 i couldnt help it though my eyes slowly looked at him as he was sleeping.  i bit the bottom of my lip i tryed not to look at him  " alright guys we're here " nick said as he was driving and looking at me in the window. i looked in the window there was poveglia island. i came here before with the paranormal investigators one year ago . now ghost adventures crew and the paranormal investiagators crew are returning to poveglia island for lockdown. i looked down at myself as i heard Zak waking up from his nap..

" good morning sleephead have a good nap" he smiled and puts his arm on my shoulder.

" yes i did where are we " zak asks me looking out the window and then he know where

we all got the equipment on to the boat and ride to the island.  nick , Aaron, Taylor and rose pulled out there camera and started filming me and Zak. Zak and i  puts on a docters mask on .

" this is a Doctor mask, These masks had herbs in the beak area for protection against those that were sick."  he said into nicks camera. i looked up in the sky to that there was a cloud in a in the shape of an "x" in the sky. it was like the same day i came here one year ago

 " guys look in the sky  " everyone looks in the sky, Zak looked at me with a worried look i smiled at him to make him and worry so most. i thought it would help but he just  looked away from me. when. he really worried about something . we got on the island.

" ok we are here on poveglia island for a return lockdown with the ghost adventures crew say hello guys "i said talking into rose and Sara's camera with Zak next to me.

" hi guys my name is  Zak bagans we are here with Manuel will you show us around "

" sure " manual  takes them around the island. the day when fast . we mapped out their X's where the night vision cameras will go. we  geared up, it is now dark. we were about to become our lockdown we didn't know what would happened that night.

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