this is my first Zak bagans one shot. its going to be a long shot i hope you like it :)


he looked down at me with me his marvelous,dreamy blue eyes. i was looking at him with  teary blue eyes. i could see him crying, i have never seen him cry before. he pushed me to his chest. i was out of breath i was trying to understand why he would broke up  with me. he said" he was sorry but he wanted to go to a 4 year college in Nevada" i loved him dearly. my heart was like  broken glass, falling on to the floor. the time we spent toghter it felt like years.

end of flashback

 years later after that day i was in a car addient a drunk driver hit me when i was driving home late from work. i lost all of memory of dating the men in my dreams .rose told me that i had a relationship with him. i woke up sneezing like crazy. it was freezing cold in my room.  i was thinking to myself trying to know who that guy was in my dream he was always in my dreams everynight . i got up to get dressed i put out my paranormal investigators crew shirt on  and walk to my car.omg i forgot to introduction myself my name is maria Dakota groff. I'm a paranormal medium and the producer and the leader of paranormal investigators crew. I'm 21 years old. 

i couldnt stop thinking about that men. i am felling in love with a men that i only remember from my dreams. i had to go to the office today we were going to meet the ghost adventures crew and my big brother. yup, nick groff is my older brother. i haven't seen him in 4 years. i would talk to my older brother everyday on the phone. i watched their show all the time. the lead producer is like the guy in my dreams. he looks the same as him. his face, his hair , and his eyes all look the same but i cant remember his name. that's the problem with me i always forget peoples name

"  late as usual  " rose growled and i stuck my tongue out at her

" sorry rose i want to get some coffee " i giggle and walks to her desk  " i thought brother would be here by now "i  look around for nick

" well nick said they were going to be a few mins late " rose  looks at her phone

rose is like a other mom to me. her hair was long and brown, it was tired in  one ponytail.  she dated nick for 2 years in high school. nick wanted to go to a film school in Nevada. they had a long distance relationship, but nick thought it was best to broke up for a little while. when he was out of college he would came back for her.

" hey guys guess who here " sara said while coming in the office with the ghost adventures crew

" big brother i missed you why didn't you came to vist me  "i hug nick

" hi baby sis sorry working and going to college was hard to do .. hi rose i missed you " nick looks at rose,goes next to her, and hugs her like crazy.

" maria is that you " the guy that i didnt remember that name runs up to me and puts me up , hugs me " maria you changed alot over 4 years " he  smiles

" who are you i dont remember who you are i wish i can " i give  confessed face

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