zak pov

" what do you mean, maria you don't know who i am,  we dated for 3 years in high school " i said  as i was geting mad

" Zak calm down .. " rose  sighed and she  looks at nick " nick we have to tell him ". Aaron, Sara, nick, rose look at maria and me

" what the hell just tell me  guys " i said  in a angry voice

"...well  when maria was 19 she was in a car addient she was hit by drunk driver when she was cameing home from work. she lost all her memory of dating you and got the ability to see, talk, and see evil spirits hurting people" said nick

" she was in a car addient , why haven't you told me nick  " i hit my hand on the table two times then nick puts his hand on my shoulder

" we didn't want you too know beause we thought you might hurt her again I'm sorry " said rose and she  crying on nicks shoulder

when my sister said that i know what she meant. i left maria just  to go to a college in Nevada i didnt mean to hurt her i just thought she wanted to have a better life here. i walked to the couch, i was so mad i couldn't believe that my only sister and my best friend take a secret like that for 3 years.  i have missed maria for 4 years. i wanted maria back in my hands again. i had my hands on my head i was frusted and thinking to myself is that why when i try calling her that same day nick was different than he is everyday he was happy, calming person.

" mm... zak " said a familar cute  calming voice i looked over my shoulder to see that maria was siting really close to me on couch. i bit my bottom lip as she sat on my lap, she played with my hair i could see that she was trying to speak " zak .. i didn't remember you that much " i looked down and thought to myself she didnt want want me here. " but i would love to get to know you more and i know you really care about me... i just want to see if its true or not " she puts her hand on my cheek and looked at me with her warm smile

" Zak and maria we are here too" Sara said as she was giggling by Aaron on the other couch. 

maria pov

" guys we are here too" Sara said as she was giggling and sitting  by aaron on the other couch. 

Zak and i blushed and i immediately got up them his lap and sit by him on the couch. he wrapped his big arm over my waist. i didn't remember dating him but when i look at his blue eyes i remember the man in my dream.

" ok what place do you want to do our lockdown seen we are doing a two group lockdown" zak asks as he smiles at me

"  did you guys forget about us " said Taylor and Andrew as they were walking in the room Andrew sits by maria and Taylor sits in a chair

" guys this is Andrew and Taylor andrew  is our evp analyst and Taylor is our cameramen/co investigator  for  paranormal investigators crew. . so where do you guys want to do a lockdown " rose said when she and nick was siting down

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