"better go pack" dad said. I got up and ran up the stairs. I shut my door. I walked into my closet. I reached on the top and got the red box suitcase with 4 wheels. I was so short that it went up to my knees. I threw the suit case in the bed. I started folding the clothes I wanted into to it. then the pajamas and bras and underwear. while I was folding the pajamas my phone started to ring it was Justin. I quickly sat on the bed and turned the tv on to make it look like I was doing nothing.

"hiii." I said. "hi," he said. "whats wrong?" I asked. "nothing. the label is just stressing me and saying I'm ruining my career. I just..*sigh* I need help." he said. "Justin you don't need help." I said. "yes I do." he said. "well if you ever feel like you are going to do a bad decision im a phone call away. and if your scared their going to call you a pussy or whatever. just ignore it. if their your real friends they would understand." I said. "my friends always said high school was the worst with peer pressure. have you ever fallen cause you don't seem like it." he said. "oh I've fallen." I said

. "how?" he said. "my first boyfriend. he invited my to this party. it was after I lost all my fat. I never drank smoked. I broke that that night. I also lost something. my good girl act and my virginity." I said. "Damn you don't seem like that girl." he said. "he ruined it." I said. "do you still do it?" he asked. "I drink. but what teen doesn't. but everything else. I stopped after my mom caught my stash in my room and now she checks my room once a month." I rolled my eyes. he chuckled.

"oh Justin. tomorrow I can't talk." I said. "why?" he asked. "well my brother is in town and tomorrow we are going to a casino to eat dinner with the whole family. so I'm going to be busy." I said. he nodded. "I understand. family." he said. "I wish I could talk to you instead." I said. he chuckled.

"what time is it?" he asked. "2" I said. "go to sleep. you have a busy day." he said. "alright. goodnight. talk to you soon." I said. "goodnight." he said and smiled. we hung up. I still had to pack. I stood up and finished. I pulled my phone out "finally seeing you." I tweeted. I picked out my outfit tomorrow. high waisted leggings combat boots and a moon crop top. I crawled in bed and turned my tv off. and fell asleep.

•next day•

"mads. wake up breakfast." brother said shaking me. "come on!!!!" he said shaking me. "oh how I missed you." I mumbled sarcastically. "c'mon. it's our last day. " He said.

"sweetie what time do you leave?" mom asked. "uhh let me text Fredo." I said. I pulled my phone out and texted Fredo. "flight leave at 6:15." I said. "alright you need to be there at 5 so we'll leave at 4:15." dad said. "alright." I said. I looked at the time. it was 2:55. "I'm going to get ready." I said standing up handing Lani the baby.

I got dressed. I messed around while singing and dancing and playing with the two little girls. I finally finished. I brought my purse downstairs and suit case. "wanna eat before you leave?" mom asked. "I'll just have one of the Ceaser salads." I said. she pulled it out of the fridge.


"bye mom." I said hugging her. I said bye to everyone else. "ok sweetie." dad said and we started to walk out of the door.

"bye dad." I said about to walk threw check in. "call me soon." he said. I nodded. "I will. love you." I said and walked up the stairs.

"you have your bag?" they asked. "no they said they would treat me well and they already took it?" I asked "can I see your ticket?" he asked. "here." I said. "oh. alright. follow me." he said . I was confused.

"here's your seat." he said. "um I think this is wrong it's first class." I said. "nope it's right" he said. "it's good too. it's a long flight." he said. I nodded. "thank you." I said. he nodded. I sat down. I got comfortable. I plugged my iPod in and watched as we took off.

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