My Christmas Gift - Miel x Anna

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I just nodded, clutching the money and stuffed it on my wallet before I went to the vacant chair and sat. Sighing, I scan the things that I bought.

Birthday candles, scented candles, cupcakes, two packs of iced tea, bottled water, packs of medicines, strawberry flavored mogu-mogu and strawberry pocky, chocolate-chip cookies, cup noodles, two packs of fresh milk, hand sanitizer, and a pomander. Oh, the latter is for my bathroom.

I chose the cup noodles and let it out from the store’s paper bag. After putting a suitable amount of hot water and waiting for almost three minutes, I took off the lid. I skimmed my mini bag for the seasonings that I brought. In case you are wondering, I did not bring the whole thing. I put it inside a small container

After putting all of the contents on my noodles, I stirred it and stared at the glass idly with my hands on my chin.

Eh? I saw a certain person running and shielding his head with a folder at the same time. I stopped and froze. Is it raining? Lucky, I brought my umbrella today. After whooshing for a couple of times, I took a first bite.


I tried to stifle my cough but I couldn’t. Coughing a couple of times, I looked at the cup noodles on cue. Oh, so it’s already spicy. I grabbed the bottle water that I bought and drank the content. Whew.

Try to read what you’re buying first, Seijiko no baka.

I sighed before looking outside.

The rain seems to fall harder as the moment past. I think it’s safe to walk past the rain since my apartment is not so far away from the convenience store. I stood up but my eyes lingered on the paper bag on cue. Maybe I should wait for a while then.

After a while…

My brows twitched in sort of annoyance and amusement. The rain is consistent, I noticed. It never fails to amaze me however, since I can see some people trying to walk past through the heavy rain. Maybe I should too. I just need to keep the paper bag close to me just in case.

Yoshi. Hugging the stuffs close to me, I exited the store.

The cold December wind was the first one that greeted me, which is not alone, since the rain is keeping it accompanied. Tiny drops of rain touched my skin and I almost shivered.

Sure, the climate here is not as cold as Japan, and I’m already used with the cold weather there but that doesn’t mean that I’m not feeling cold right now. It’s not freezing cold, but it’s enough to say that today was indeed December Eve.

After opening my umbrella, I started walking. I should hurry or the paper bag will get drenched.

Ah, are you still alive, umbrella-san? It’s so windy and the droplets of rain is heavy. I sighed in relief the moment I reached my apartment. Closing the umbrella, I preferred to stand outside the apartment’s waiting shed. I should dry myself first before going in.


I turned to my side just to see a drenched boy rubbing his nose. He wears his hooded jacket as he tries to warm himself by rubbing his both arms. I can notice that he’s shivering since the wind is still violent.

Wait… I think this boy is familiar.

He looked at his side, at me actually, and my eyes widen. Both of our eyes widen in surprise to be exact.

Isn’t it Miel? What is he doing here?!

“A-Anna! What are you doing here?!”

It seems like we have the same thoughts.

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