Sacrifice {EXO SEHUN}

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Sehun would surely not agree. He had found Eun Hee, one who was foolishly in love, one that would shower him with unconditional love despite getting the shorter end of the stick.


The moaning and groaning had begun to increase in volume.

Eun Hee slipped out of bed, putting on her bedroom slippers to muffle her footsteps.

She headed to the spare room, where a sliver of light could be seen.

The door was slightly ajar. Wide enough that she was able to see what was happening, but small enough that they couldn't see her.

There lay Sehun and a familiar female. Both naked, Sehun was on top of her, disgusting noises emitting from their mouths.

"Ah...ahhh Sehun you SO much..." The female tilted her head to the side, and Eun Hee got a clearer view of her face.

She could not believe it.

It was Kiana, her best friend. She knew Eun Hee and Sehun were married, but yet she said she loved him.

What startled Eun Hee the most were the next words that came out of Sehun's mouth.

"Kiana Lee, I love you too. More than how I've loved Eun Hee.

Shit, that hurts a lot.

Eun Hee felt her heart breaking into two. Tears were threatening to roll down any moment. She clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her sobs.

Turning back, she sprinted back into her room.

Eun Hee could not hold back her tears anymore. Slumping down against the wall, she let her tears flow freely. She had never felt that rejected before.

She sat there, slumped against the wall, waiting for her tears to cease, and also, hearing the noise outside. Screams of pleasure and pain ricocheted throughout the house.

Sehun no longer loved her.


Sehun woke up with the absence of a warm body besides him. Kiana and him had been meeting up recently, and to put it short, they were friends with benefits. Or a sex partner, in a more blunt way.

He was all sweaty from last night's vigorous activities. Kiana may be an angel on the outside, but she sure was a devil in bed.

"Tch, Eun Hee, I found someone better than you."

Unfortunately, Eun Hee had just happened to walk by Sehun's room when she heard his words. The things in her hands fell to the floor with a crash.

Startled, Sehun strode briskly outside the room, only to find Eun Hee slumped against the wall, the tears streaming down her face.

"I heard everything last night. And I heard what you just said. I'm not the most perfect woman in the world, and obviously not your ideal type." Eun Hee said, her voice coming out hoarse. She kept her head down, refusing to look at Sehun.

"Sometimes, I wonder what made me marry you. You're useless and a waste of space. You're so dense that you've not realized that I've stopped loving you already." Sehun countered.

"Then why not divorce me? If you don't love me, why are you still married to me?"

"Obviously I would anticipate the moment where we go our separate ways, but unfortunately, I still need to take over your parents' company. Stupid girl, you're easily blinded." Sehun spat at Eun Hee.

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