I wake up to Rocky shaking me. "Kacey, Kacey. We're here. We have to get off the train or that grumpy train lady will be back here again." I hear him chuckle as I yawn. "Kacey, come on, Tyler and the rest of his family are waiting for us outside. We're the only ones left on the train."

Sure enough, when I looked around there was no one seated and there was a crowd leaving the station. I got up and ran to the bathroom real quick to check my hair. It was fine so I ran out and grabbed Rocky's hand as we run through the train. We got off and ran to the family. Then we started to leave. "Oh, hold on!"

I run up to the lady at the front desk. "Did you find a skateboard here anywhere? I lost it."

"Um," She pulls out the Lost-And-Found box. "Oh, yes. We did. Is this it?" She holds it up and I nod. I told the boy that I'd give him back his skateboard, and I plan on keeping that promise.

"Thank-you so much." I say, taking it from her. She smiles and nods. I ride towards the family. "I kinda took this from a little boy trying to get here on time for the train to Emmerson." I say.

"Oh, so we have to stop by the boy's house?" Rocky asks.

"Yes, yes we do." I laugh. We start to travel back home and then I stop by the boy's house to give it to him. "I'm sorry for taking it."

"Oh no, it's okay, babe." He smiles.

I raise my eyebrows. "Seriously, dude?"

"Yeah, hottie. You can borrow it any time." I roll my eyes.

But then I smile, getting very angry with this kid's attraction to me. It was disgusting. "Hey, little man, can I see it?"

"Yeah, babe." He hands it to me. I smile and stare at it for a second. Then I throw it across the yard, making a wheel roll off. "What the heck was that for?!"

"Just making adjustments, babe." I ruffle his hair, before glaring at him and then running off. "Guys, I'm ready!"

"Poor kid." Rocky says, before laughing.

"Hey, he called me 'hottie' and 'babe', dude. He's lucky I didn't do more." I say.

"Wait, he did what?" He stops completely and turns around to look at the boy who was getting his skateboard. "HEY, KID! DON'T YOU EVER CALL MY GIRLFRIEND 'BABE' OR 'HOTTIE' AGAIN, YOU GOT THAT?!" He shouts.

"Tell your idiot of a girlfriend to keep her hands off my board!" Rocky was about to take off running after the boy but I grabbed his arm and the boy ran inside, scared to death.

"Rocky, you scared the poor kid." I laugh.

He stares at the boy's house for a second, "You're not stupid." He mumbles then turns to me. "You're not stupid. No, you're not. That little boy needs to keep his mouth shut."

Rocky hugs me and I hug back. "Dude, I'm fine."

"But he shouldn't have said that!" He says. I put my arm around him as we start to catch up to the family. "I love you, Kacey."

"I love you too, Rocky."

Tyler stops and we stare at him. He smiles. "Don't worry, nothing's wrong. But we're going to go pick out our Rest-Of-The-Summer home, which will probably take a while. We're going to try to find one as close to your houses as possible, and don't worry, we know where your houses are. We wrote it down when you told us last night."

I smile. We all hug and say good-bye for the day and then we separate. Rocky and I hold hands as we run home. We start walking when we see our houses in view. But just as we were barely half-way past the two houses on the other side my house, all the Lynches ran out. "KACEY! ROCKY!" First, they all hugged Rocky. Except for Rydel.

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