July 6, 2005

 It’s the day before No Rules leave for Dublin, Ireland. After they finished taping Dare 2 Dream, they filmed the music video for their latest single, Drive. They also had final dance rehearsals.

 By now, Erica has told Ashley that Erica has feelings for Alex; even though he’s with Sophie. So Ashley and Erica decided to look around the West End for a boyfriend.

 Erica had a thing for emo guys, so they hit the emo/punk/goth stores. None of the guys were interested in dating a popstar. When they felt they lost hope, they found a place where the emos go to, a punk-rock lounge.

 After searching around, Erica found a guy who was interested. They hit it off quickly…that it, until he asked her, “So, should we exchange numbers, or what?”

 Erica replied sadly, “I’d like to, but I’m not allowed to give my phone number out to regular people. But I really like you.”

 With that, the guy walked away sadly. Erica met up with Ashley. She asked Ashley, “Aren’t there any emo blokes who are famous instead of regular people?”

 Ashley gave her a hug, and went back to the NR house.

 When Erica went into the kitchen, Alex noticed she looked sad. He decided to talk to her, but have small talk. The kiss still bothered him. He asked her in a monotone, “Is everything ok?”

 Erica sighed and sadly, “No emo bloke wants me, or if he does, I can’t give him my phone number cuz I’m a ‘celebrity’. You’re the only celebrity emo there is, and the public doesn’t know you’re emo.”

 With that, Alex snapped. “Look, I can’t get the kiss out of my head, and I’m in love with Sophie. If you want to see if there’s anything there between us, we’ll kiss.”

 So Alex kissed Erica on the lips, which shocked her. Soon the kiss went from angry to almost passionate. She was feeling guilty, so she pushed him off.

 She told him nervously, “Look, go with Sophie. Okay? I’ll m-move on.”

 So Erica walked off, but Alex strangely wanted to kiss her more.

 She thought to herself, Alex’s such a great kisser, but I can’t be with him.

 As for Alex, he also thought to himself, She’s so good, and I feel sorry for her. I want more. Wait, I’m with Sophie!

 Later that night, Alex decided to talk to Edward. He told Edward that the kiss Erica gave him still bothered him, so he kissed her. Edward was shocked from what he heard.

 He asked nervously, “So, do you fancy Erica?”

 Alex said, “I don’t know, but I actually wanted to go into a heavy snog. Not sex, but I don’t know.”

 “What about Sophie? Do you still love her?”

 “Yeah, I think. I don’t know.”

 “But Sophie practically saved your life, whilst Erica…well, you just met her.”

 Alex reacted angrily, “Don’t you think I know that? God, I’m so confused.”

 Then Alex banged his head on the wall. Edward told him, “Whatever you do, don’t tell Sophie about it.”

 “I won’t."

 At the same time, Erica was talking to Ashley. She told Ashley that Alex came onto her; and instead of kissing out of anger, he passionately kissed her. Ashley was shocked by that.

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