Master Ceil's POV

"Take me to her!!! Take me to Alice! Sebastion this is an order! Take me to the Forbidden Rose Garden!"

"Yes, my lord"

This is all so sudden. Alice being at the rose garden that was made for her 7 years ago. 3 days before her disappearance and . . . on the engagement day.  This is all too weird. Is this a vivid dream? This feeling I get. What is this? Is this memories from Alice? Undertaker. What are you planning to with her?  Why is she at the rose garden with the Undertaker? At The rose garden.

It was set on fire on the day she went missing. It burned to ashes. No ones able to enter there.

It's dangerous. . .

It's . . .

       Been changed ever since. . . .

                                           Called the. . . 

                           Forbidden Alice's Rose Garden. . . 

                 With Black and red roses. Surrounded with ashes. . .


Cameron's POV

"Heh Master, he has awoken. He has found what he is looking for. Hes on his way.

Shall I . . . stop him?"

"Leave him be. He won't be able to make it time anyways. Hehehe. Finally I'll be able to get revenge on him. I've been waiting so long. Hahahahaha. He will feel the pain I once felt when he took mine away.

I miss her so much. . ."

"My lord. . . everything is going well. It will soon meance right before his eyes and soon you will have her back in your life. Everything will be glorious. As you told me {To be happy you must sacrifice yourself to protect the ones you love no matter what.} I take that into my word and will be serving you forever."

"Snake You will always be beside me. Right? Don't leave me all alone"

"I won't. Master."

"Don't ever leave me like everyone else. Don't die. Don't go. I can't lose another after Ashely."

"Master, I will never leave you. I promise this plan will work. It's perfect. It will work out!"

The plan was perfect. Everything is going as planned. Furthermore Ceil. . . You will wish that you haven't noticed anything more then anything. You will wish you haven't fallin in love with Miss Alice. . .


Yuki's POV

This is something I thought I would never do either as a human or demon. . .

He causes me to do this. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me Alios.


Undertaker's POV

"Alice this will go great. You will remember all your memories on the day of December 17th, 1773.

In 2 years. You will formally remember everything. In order for that to happen you will ignore the Queen's watchdog. . .  Ceil Phantomhive."

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