Déjà vu

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I cracked open one of my eyes. My alarm clock was laying on the floor across from me unplugged.

Internally I groaned but didn't make a sound fearing I would wake up my sister. She was cruel when she woke up, and I'd rather not deal with that with that right now, so just focus on something else. Instead several thoughts ran though my head about the fleeting dream. Soon frustrated with the lack of memory of it I gave up and sat up. Then untangling myself from my sheets I bent down and picked up my alarm clock. Shoving the cord into the outlet, the clock reset itself. Clicking quietly I entered the correct digits and Alert time.

Sighing I left my room and closed the door softly. Slowly I descended the staircase and walked into the kitchen. Once there I paused thinking I heard footsteps behind me. I glanced around and took a reassuring breath. What was I thinking?! Honestly, who would be up at this hour? So with that thought I continued on with my morning.

I walked over to my chair with a bag of Oreos in hand. Flopping down I turned my gaze to the sliding glass door and to what was beyond it. The glass was fogged up in some areas from the cold air outside. I visibly shivered, dreading the walk up to the bus stop. Everything was dull outside, compared to what was in doors.

Inside my family's Christmas tree stood tall and proud decorated with zillions of colors, and on the very top was a star. Oh, the memories it held. It had seen the happiness that now seems to have deserted me. It had seen my smiling face every year as I opened my first present. All those Christmas mornings.....

I bit back my tears overcome by emotion. So much has changed, but not for the better. Images of me as a child flashed through my mind. Then feeling the numbness overtaking me I started to panic. My depression and pain had only worsened over time and now when I feel my inner darkness start to rise, I become unfeeling, uncaring, I lose my love and hope, and my emotions disappear.

Heart Cracking, Breaking. So much sadness pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I felt hopelessness take over my mind.

Nobody understands.

True love doesn't exist.

Embrace the Pain.

Embrace the Darkness.

No Friends. Outcast.

Isolated. Alone.

Lost. Broken.

Different. Abandoned.

Forgotten. Hurt.

Dreamer. Sadness.

Lies. Falling.

Hurting. Crying.

Dying. Wishing.

Believing. Hoping.


I gasped and my eyes blurred. What the Hell!? It's gone!? Blinking, I saw my surroundings and did a double take. How.....

My bag was packed for school, I was dressed and ready, and I was standing in front of my calendar. This never happened-

December 1st

I saw the date and felt a familiar feeling sweep though me. Immediately I remembered that day in May. I felt regret. I felt guilt. I felt false hope. I felt.......Loss.

Shaking my head I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder. Slowly I walked over to the front door and twisted the handle. In a second I was out the door and trudging up the hill. No turning back now, the door locked when it shut.

I winced as the freezing air blew into my face. It felt like tiny needles pushing into my skin. Focusing on my breathing I watched the small wisp of steam that appeared every time that I exhaled.

"Sh!t" I swore as another gust of wind was hurled at my face. Damn it's cold, Damn it's freezing, Damn it's.......snowing?

Looking around wondering how I hadn't noticed, I saw someone walking toward me. They were covered in a cloak so I couldn't get a good look at their face. The cloak was a dark blue with strange symbols on the sides. Then I realized that this was a fight or flight situation, but I felt compelled to do neither and stay where I was.

They stopped a few feet away from me and spoke, "Are you Jenna?" That voice, where have I heard that voice before...Immediately I had recognized it at being a teenage boy voice, it had a lower octave but not by much. So I just stood there as the wind blew by. Cautiously I nodded.

I heard a sigh of relief and saw the hood fall away. My eyes widened and I involuntary gasped shocked beyond belief. " J-Jellal?"

His brown eyes instantly locked onto my green ones as he took a few steps forward, his cloak waving in the wind while I remained frozen in shock. "Jenna."

Soon he was just a foot away looking into my eyes as if searching for an answer to an unknown question. Breaking away from his intense gaze I looked at him memorized by the realness of him. There was no doubt in my mind that this was a dream, it was to good to be true.

Slowly my arm rose and I stroked his blue hair. It was soft and natural unlike when my sister dyed her hair red. I couldn't help the yearning in my heart for him, for him to be real. Almost as if he read my mind he wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a warm embrace. "H-How?" I choked out.

My arms went around his neck and I relaxed into his embrace. "It's a long story..." He whispered. I felt my eyes start to burn with tears. It felt so real, but it can't be. "B-But you d-don't exist."

He sighed," I know, but there is a place where I do. It's also where you belong." He leaned back and gazed into my eyes. "I can take you there, if you like."

Hearing his words I stepped back, leaving his embrace, "Why....Why must you torture me like this?!" I nearly screamed shaking my head back and forth trying to clear my head. "Wake up! Wake up now!" I felt sick to my stomach and couldn't bare to look at him. "You're not real!"

Tears rolled down my face as my legs gave out and I fell down to the pavement. I shut my eyes readying myself for the pain when I felt someone grab me before I landed. Tearfully, I looked up. He was only inches from my face, watching my every movement making sure I didn't try to do anything stupid. When his eyes focused completely on mine I felt blood rising to my cheeks. "Jenna, please listen to me. You do not know how hard it was for me to find you, so please just listen."

Unable to do anything else I agreed nodding my head. His face instantly relaxed and he set me down on my feet. "Well I don't know what's going though your head but this is real, I don't know how else you would be able to explain it." I blinked and accepted the fact as if he was talking about the weather. "So again I ask do you want to come with me?"

I felt confused but not afraid, "Where?"

He gave me an Are-You-Stupid look and spoke. "To Fairy Tail, of course!"

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